We always welcome you to contribute and collaborate with us through your creative writing efforts. We never simply judge your articles by hitting words count, the only we consider in your writing how efficiently you clearly express your ideas in your unique voice. If you love writing, also know the correct usage of words, strong observation and can think out of the box, then we will add you to our writing contributor pool.  We don’t like to read the same words and idea, again and again, so try to approach robust vocabulary and chose perfect words while writing.

We will be straightforward, writing for us takes hard work because we greeted only award-winning writers who have a solid sense of writing and know how to grab audience attention through the content. In good writing everything matters, you don’t skip anything from organization to perfect pairs of words everything should be in order.

What type of contents do we publish?

Here you can write about tech, social media, and business related articles.  With the help of great researching skill and basic knowledge about this topic you can convey your thoughts effectively and can become our best guest blogger. We advise you never afraid to be rejected, writing takes courage, overcome your writing fear and take initial steps for writing through our platform.

What do we expect from you?

There are a lot of qualities we find in a writer, but the topmost are listed below. If you are a good fit, then hit your keyboard with the remarkable writing flow.

•    A writer can effectively write on technology, social media, and business niches. And always attention to the detail, write relevant, every article comes with identifiable ideas and themes and add a special touch to their writing too.

•    A piece of writing is only good when it follows all the grammar rules. Keep in mind, though the idea of content is good, if you do not implement grammar rules properly, your readers and we can lose interest.

•    There is no place for spams and duplicate content. We only accept copy space passed articles.

•    Your article must be informative; we don’t like a press release and sales articles.

•    We never publish anything that has been published in our competitor’s websites. So, heading or title of your article must be unique.

•    Article tone must be casual, well-structured with easy to understand ending notes.

•    We don’t like a wall of articles, add some bullets and pointers to make it more readable.

•    Since we work on three topics that are business, technology, and social media. So, only gives us articles related to this niches.

•    Make your mind strong to handle feedback, criticism for every published article.

•    You have to include facts, cite sources, the latest and upcoming details in your article.

•    Before submitting draft justcheck it twice because we don’t give you second chance to prove your ability.

How to submit?

Techfizy welcomes article submission as Google documents so that editors can effortlessly serve you genuine feedback and guidance directly. It’s all up to writers; they may also submit articles through email in a plain text file, Markdown file or link to an HTML file. Keep in mind; zip files are not accepted. Once you submitted an article, then the next process is comprehended below.

•    First, our editors will review your article and determine whether it is lying on our expectation or not. The whole techfizy team discusses, and it will take one week at least.

•    Once the editor received the genuine feedback from the team, then he will share all feedbacks with you through an email. If you are selected, then you can write for us as a guest blogger, but if we need some changes, you have to address it as soon as possible.

•    Once you addressed our feedbacks, then send your revised draft back.  Our team will discuss it again and let you know whether we are going further with you or not.

•    If our team accept your article, then editor works closely with you like share the guidance, requirements, schedule your publication and style.

So, if you have all the qualities that are mentioned above and seeking for the best opportunity, then without wasting time research the topics like technology, social media, and business and make your draft that inspires readers and us. Techfizy, always encourages their guest bloggers to write well and recommends appropriate guidance and give genuine feedbacks on every draft.  No matters, whether you are a first time writer, non- native English speaker we are willing to work with you. We are also looking for inspirational, share-worthy and cool content stories that based on business, technology, and social media.

Important Note: It is right to assume that, if we don’t reply you within 2 weeks then your articles will not be published.

Now, are you ready to submit the first draft?