Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working

Have you recently upgraded to windows 10 operating system? Windows 10 start menu not working? Learn how to fix windows 10 start button not working.

Windows 10 is the latest edition of windows operating system from Microsoft Corporation. This operating system is loaded with various new option and all new look. Windows 10 personal operating system was released on July 2015. Unlike earlier versions, this operating system comes with feature updates that receive important security updates, like security patches for longer run.

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Windows 10 operating system is available for Windows 7 & Windows 8 premium users to upgrade to free of cost. You can update to windows 10 operating system onto your desktop or laptop. However, many users face several issues while upgrading. Some of the common issues include locked PC, Microsoft account not working, Widows 10 start menu not working, etc. You can also use search bar or Cortana, but start menu cannot be ignored as most of the features can be accessed via windows start menu.

If you too are facing issues with the Windows 10 start button not working, following these simple steps will help you out. Before getting started, it is recommended to create system restore point.

Learn How to Windows 10 start menu not working:

Create New Local User Account:

If your windows start menu is not working, it is recommended to create new local user account. Prior, if you use Microsoft Account, you need to transfer all your user files to new account to safeguard your information. Follow these simple steps to create local account.

  • Open Settings App
  • Select Accounts -> Family & other users -> other users
  • Select add someone -> select I don’t have access
  • Now, select Add user to create local account
  • Enter new Username and Password
  • Then, Enter finish

Once done, make sure this account has administrator privileges. You can use these login details to access your windows 10 start menu. If not accessible, it is recommended to go for other steps.

If you are using Microsoft account to sign in, it is recommended to associate Microsoft account with new local account.

  • Open Settings –> Accounts
  • Select -> Sign with Microsoft Account instead of other account
  • Enter, local account information – Username and password
  • Then, enter OK to use your Microsoft account.

Restart your Personal Computer:

If you use personal computer, android device or MAC operating system, it is recommend to restart the machine to fix the issues. Rebooting windows 10 machine will help you to fix several issues.

Using Windows Troubleshoot Option:

At times, windows troubleshoot option will help you to fix some minor issues

  • Press Windows + L -> logout of Microsoft account
  • Go to Power Option -> Hold Shift Key & Click Restart
  • When screen opens -> click Troubleshoot
  • Select Reset this PC
  • Click Keep My Files
  • Then follow further commands to reset your pc

Make use of Powershell:

If restarting your windows 10 machine does not work, you can try windows Powershell option to fix the issue.

  • Open Command Prompt (run as administrator)
  • Enter following commands
  • Type Powershell and Hit Enter

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  • Enter Ok

Wait for the command to run complete. Once finished, your windows 10 start menu not working issue gets fixed instantly.

Check for Windows 10 Update:

Windows 10 is most popular operating system and it comes to regular updates. Microsoft corporation constantly release updates to fix various error and bugs. You can make use of windows 10 update to fiz start menu issues

  • Open Settings (Win Key + R -> Settings -> Ok)
  • Choose Update & Security -> Windows update
  • Select Check for Updates

Install requires updates and restart your personal computer if required.

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Disable Anti-Virus:

Some windows 10 users also report disabling windows firewall and anti-virus program has fixed windows 10 start menu issues. However, it is not recommended as running personal computer without firewall and anti-virus to various complications.

Windows Start Button Not Working –Reset Your Windows 10 Machine

If nothing works, it is recommended to reset your windows 10 machine to fix start menu issue.

  • Open Settings (Win Key + R -> Settings -> Ok)
  • Click Update & Security
  • Then, click on recovery

You need to use windows recovery option as final step to fix windows 10 start menu issues. For detailed steps about how to reset windows 10, check Microsoft official page.

Windows 10 comes with various minor bugs and it can be fixed easily. Hope my article on how to fix windows 10 start menu not working will be useful. If you are aware any new procedure, update me via comment option…

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