What is SEO

“SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, Ideal way to generate Organic, Free and Natural Traffic to your website.”

SEO is the process of optimizing a website both internally and externally based on search engine guidelines in order to improve visibility in major search engines.  Successful SEO campaign consists of creating responsive website, properly selecting keywords, choosing ideal hosting, implementing on-page strategy (keywords, content, etc.) and off page strategy. It leads to storing online visibility and brand reputation to your business.

what is seo

On Page:

On Page SEO refers to various website internal elements of a website such as HTML code, Layout, Content, Images, video, etc.  Read More….

Off Page:

Of Page SEO refers to backlinks (link building) – links pointing from other websites that are relevant to your niche. Read More….

Type of SEO:

  • White Hat
  • Black Hat

SEO Suitable For

Search engine optimization is suitable for anyone looking to sharpen their skills in digital marketing.

SEO is suitable for

  • Students
  • Marketing Executive
  • Business Owners
  • Business Managers
  • CEO
  • Small Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals looking for job in Digital Marketing

SEO Resources:

Check out my SEO Guide for Beginners to Learn SEO from Experts for Free to master your skills in Digital Marketing.