Web scraping, also known as web harvesting or web data extraction tool is used by many companies to extract data from websites. You can manually scrape the data and also you can put bots to scrap the data for you. It is either custom built for a single website or a software build for all the websites. They are very difficult to set up and use. WebEmailExtractor is a great software designed to scrape data from websites, you can start scraping data in minutes.

Many companies across the world need web scraping due to reasons like creating a mailing list, lead generation, basically used for marketing and creating another data by simply scraping data from a website and uploading it to another website. Many people use it to practice email marketing, create a bulk email list by using best email extractor software and sell it.

The purpose of using web scraping decides, whether its legal or illegal. If you’ll scrap the data and simply just misuse it by creating a similar website and uploading the data or even something close to that, you can surely land into a court room and have a legal case against you.

Web scraping works in this way, the piece of code called ‘scrap’ sends a ‘Get’ query to the website, then it parses an HTML code based on the received results. When done, the scraper searches for the data you’re looking for and finally converts it into the specified document. You can also hire people to do web scraping for you, there are alot of people freelancing for this job, make sure they are professionals and are providing you a great value.

Web scraping, the most important question, is it legal or illegal? Web scraping itself is legal. However, it depends upon how you use it. If you’ll scrap the web for legal purposes then it’s obviously legal but if you’ll scrap the web, collect data and then try to misuse that date it is illegal. You should be careful while scrapping the web because it matters how you use the data. Web scraping is most used by startups because its and easy, cheap and powerful way to gather data. Many companies want to use it for their profit but on the same hand they don’t want anyone else to use it against them, sounds unfair right? Web scraping started in a legal way until in 2000s eBay had a web scraping case against Bidder’s Edge. eBayclaimed, “The use of bad bots on the site, against the will of the company violated Trespass to Chattels law”. Later, the lawsuit was settled out of the court.

How to do it in a proper way?

There’s no such thing called ‘doing web scraping in a proper way’,it’s just based on how you’re using the data. If you’re looking for some professionals to do it for you, then you go on many freelancer websites where many freelancers and companies are providing this service. Make sure you don’t misuse the data. I hope this cleared all your conclusions and helped you a lot.

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