Way2SMS is a platform allows you to send free SMS to anyone, anywhere across India. As soon as this free SMS sending platform launched back in 2006, it had become the only reliable platform.

On the account of today, its user statistics says that, more that 40 million users chosen this platform. The statistics certainly interprets the usefulness and reliability of Way2SMS in different part of the country.

You can be part of this great free SMS sending experience with a bit of help while you are new to Way2SMS.

Initially, its interface may seem a little overwhelming to you. And thus the guide to Way2SMS login comes into your demand. This guide not only is teaching you how to login and use it but also makes you know how to get the most out of this service.

How to register

First of all you need to register for the service like other SMS sending platform. It enables the service preventing the users from abusing. However, registering on way2sms is very easy and we are here to make it even easier.

Now for registering way2sms, simply go to the official website. You may go the android application downloading it from play store, but we will come to this later. Anyway, after opening the website you will see tow large buttons called “Register” and “Login”. You can easily assume that you need to click on the Resister button. You will see a webpage look like exactly given image below:

Image Source: way2sms.com

If you are on the right page as per the image on this paragraph then simply put the information they are asking for. Please make sure the mobile no you provide is correct and in use. Because it will be your login ID and way2sms regards this mobile no as SMS sending number. So you should generally use the original mobile number.

After filling all information and entering the captcha (Human verification), click on “Register now” button. Make sure you checked the terms and conditions of using this site on Internet for the security and privacy policy.

As soon as you clicked on “Register Now” button you will get a 6-ditig password on your registered mobile no. for way2sms login. See the image bellow and foresee the login page.

Image Source: way2sms.com

Put your mobile no and 6-digit unique code on the right place, click “Login”. Now you are one of the million members of Way2sms. You can see your dashboard to personalize your password (if you seem to change it) or you may skip. Take a look on the image:

Image Source: way2sms.com

Your registration for Way2SMS has been done successfully.

Step by step guide – way2SMS login

On the registration process you are already logged in to use way2sms. But somehow you are not logged in or want to use your same account onto other device, need to log in again. And you are provided here the step to step guide to way2sms login process.

Go to the home page of the site and this time click on “Log In” button instead of “Register”.


Once you are logged in, you will be able to see various options on the dashboard including SMS sending box. Just like the reference image.

Image Source: way2sms.com

However you are ready to use all the interesting features of Way2SMS. Later on we will talk about how to use them nicely.

Using Wya2SMS

Way2SMS stared it journey just as SMS sending platform, but now it is more than that. Especially in the recent times it has introduced many new features for their users to make SMS sending more interesting.

We are going look into all the detailed features it offers to get the most out of the service.

Sending SMS

You can access the feature just clicking on Send SMS on the top of your dashboard menu. Once you are on the send sms page, you will find a field to put mobile no and message. Type the mobile no of the user you want to send message. And in the subsequent box put your message. Keep in mind way2sms does not allow sending message more than 140 characters. When everything is ready, click on the “Send” button and your message will be delivered instantly. Along with that message forwarding, adding messages from the list options are available.

Group SMS

Next it comes to group SMS. You can select more than one contact at once to send the same message to different person. The saved contact list will be appeared on left corner of you dashboard. Select the contacts you want to send group message. But this feature has some restriction. First, the numbers enabled DND service cannot be send SMS. Secondly you cannot send SMS between the times 9 pm to 9 am as per the TRAI regulation.

Language Message

Way2SMS has introduced this amazing feature lately. You need to type a massage in English and be able to convert them into 4 popular languages in India before sending. The languages are Hindi, Telegu, Tamil and Urdu. You can choose one of the languages for your recipient to see as per their convenience.

Android application

To access Way2SMS you need not rely only on PC but from Android application it is accessible. To use this free SMS sending app on your Android smartphone go to play store and download the app called Way2ONLINE. You can log in using your previously created PC website account or register a fresh account. No need say if you log in through the previous account, all the past data will be loaded automatically. It’s android version is more likely the desktop version, so you can use it smoothly.

As way2SMS is a service full of amazing features and enables you sending free SMS, you should not use it for spam activities. If it is found to be spamming or abused, way2SMS block you from using their service. You can also report any abusive activities to the authority in order to have great experience only.