During the scorching summer months in India, an air conditioner is the most important of the gadgets that people like to buy.

However, not all have the expertise to buy an AC that may suit their needs and budget the best.

Hence, we have brought some tips that will help you by the best AC. Read on as you explore more!

Consider these things while buying the best AC in India

1. Go for an AC with better Star Rating

Many people in India buy any AC without checking its energy efficiency which is showcased in the form of the Star Rating. As a result, they end up paying higher electricity bills. Thus, you should check the energy efficiency rating of the split AC or window AC that you are going to buy.

The higher is the Star Rating of an AC; the lower will be its power consumption. For example, a 5 Star rated AC will help you save up to 10% on electricity bill compared to a 4 Star rated one. Hence, you should pick an AC correctly so that you can enjoy effective cooling without spending too much on the power bills.

2. Cooling capacity

It is a factor to consider because if you miss here, then your AC will either not cool the room property or will chill it so much that you feel like living on the north pole. For a small room of 100-120 square feet, a 1 Ton AC will work fine. For a room around 175-200 square feet, you can go for a 1.5 Ton AC and so on. Also, getting the right sized ACs installed in the correct place will also save power.

3. Basics matter more

Most AC manufacturers won’t talk about the basics of the AC like how will it work when the sun is beating down at 45 degrees or more. A better quality AC will deal with it easily, while a poor quality AC company won’t be able to respond on it. Also, ask them also about the differences between Alloy, Aluminium and Copper condensers. Copper condensers are a bit higher on the price but offer superior performance than coils.

4. What about the after-sales

Customers in India are way too ignorant about the after-sales policies of the companies that they buy an AC from. All that they see is buying an AC to enjoy the summer months, and no one bothers until there is an issue. Hence, another key aspect of buying the best AC is checking the after-sales policies of a company/supplier.

It is important when you are buying an AC because they have fairly complex technology inside them. As a result, they require servicing even when they are working without issues, and there is nothing wrong.

Hence, always opt for an AC brand with a proven record of proper servicing in your areas. If you are unsure, you can always ask the dealers or even check it online on the company’s website.

Go for Special Summer Offer on ACs and pocket savings

Some of the tips that can help you bring home a better AC that won’t poke a hole in your pockets due to excess power bills and more are discussed. If you are ready to buy any brand like an LG AC, then you can buy it on EMIs and save more.

Bajaj Finserv EMI Network presents the No Cost EMI facility where you can buy a Voltas AC and more and spread its cost over a tenor. As a result, you will only need to pay an exact EMI amount per month and nothing extra. It will help you pocket extra savings as compared to other EMI payment options in the market.

The offer will help you pocket an Insta Credit of up to Rs.7,000 into the Bajaj Finserv Wallet on buying an AC worth Rs.40,000. The offer also gives you a cashback of up to Rs.2,000 on your electricity bills.