Top Best Search Engines

In this digital era, Internet search engines have become integral part of our life. Internet users heavily depended on search engines to find desired product, services and answers. In this article, we are going to explore about top search engines in the world.


Alexa Rank: 1

Google is most popular and widely used search engines across the world. With over 75% market searches, Google stands top in the list of top search engines for both organic and paid searches.  Along with search engine offer complete internet solution such as Gmail, Google My Business, YouTube, Blogger, Google Sites, etc.


Alexa Rank: 22

With over 15% of market search share, Bing stands 2nd in the list of top search engines in the world. Here is some good reason to choose Bing.

  • Bing is official Search Engine of Microsoft Corporation
  • Bing offer more auto suggestions than Google
  • Bing features advanced video search
  • With linkfromdomain:[site name], you can see high authority backlinks of your website


With over 7% of market share, Yahoo stands 3rd in the list of top search engines. Though Yahoo tops most popular free email providers, but unable to dominate in search engine era.


Alexa Rank: 31 stands 4th in the list of world’s leading search engines. This search engine is popular for its question and answer (QA) related matches.

AOL Search:

AOL is another popular search engine in the world. AOL is brought by Verizon communication for $4.4 billion. AOL is leading mass media company based in New york offering advertising service as AOL Platform and AOL Advertising.


Baidu is Chinese Web Search established in January 1 2000. It site features website, Audio files, images and videos in search engines.  Baidu is most used search engine in China. They also offer other services like cloud storage, maps, news, etc.


Excite is online service portal. It offers various features like Search Engine, Email, Instant Messaging, Weather Updates, News, etc. Excite was launched in 1995.

Duck Duck Go:

Duck Duck Go is most popular and secured search engine in the world. This search engine is very popular for protecting privacy of the users. It was founded in 2008 and they partnered with Yahoo, Bing and Yummly.


Alexa Rank: 2110

InfoSpace is another popular search engine offer white label search and monetization solution. It also has other search engine sites like Web Crawler,, and metasearch engine Dogpile.

Alexa Rank: 1,938 offer indexed web and social media results. It includes various features like trending, newsworthy and popular searches.

These are the most popular search engines in the world.