In this generation of the Internet, everything is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.  This can easily transform the machines into an intelligent device which do not requires any human support. The day is not far where we will see that computers writing codes without a developer and Roberts are cooking in your kitchen.

Now, artificial intelligence and machine learning have reached to various platforms such as WordPress. Through the help of these, you can easily perform and enhance the qualities of the tasks in content creation, SEO or any other technical efforts. Before, you know about the tools you should know what is AI and machine learning. AI and machine learning have been developed to make things easier and smarter and these are also capable of bringing disruptive changes in our lives more than any technologies. They perform their tasks just like humans so that’s the only reason many odd jobs are done by machines which will reduce the tasks of a human.

Due to the rise of these technologies human works and efforts have been lower down to a certain level. Now, machines have started interacting with us in a better and efficient way. Due to this, technologies have become an integral part of our daily life. There are numerous examples where you can identify that how we are so depended upon AI. One of the biggest achievements of AI is voice search, without typing anything we can easily search anything on Google through our voice. It not only makes our life easier but also save lots of time. WordPress has started using AI technology and it is not at all wrong to say that maybe the future version of WordPress would be depended upon AI.

Are you staying in Singapore? Then before hiring freelance website developer in Singapore, you should ask them about WordPress plugins so that they can develop your website in a better way.

Below are the top 8 WordPress plugins that can help you with smart functionalities to your WordPress site.


WordLift is an artificial intelligence that helps bloggers to improve SEO of their WordPress website. This plugin analyze content and then enhance it with attractive images, links, and interactive visualizations. This also keeps visitors engaged with the appropriate content which results in page views, better conversion, and traffic. WordLift plugin also supports more than 32 languages including French, German, Italian, Chinese and lots more. This plugin also allows you to create your very own knowledge graph and it supports your writing process with trustworthy and contextual facts. The best part is the content that is generated through WordLift is compatible with markup so that your website can get higher rank in search engine result pages.

Live Chat24/7

Live Chat 24/7 is powered by artificial intelligence to answer the questions of visitors of your website. This provides your users with some useful information about your products and answers their queries. You just have to insert keywords and it will answer the questions according to the keywords. If it doesn’t know the answer then the questions will automatically pass to a live agent rather than answering it wrong.

My Curator

MyCurator is a content curation plugin that helps content creators to find out the relevant content in their specific field. This will eliminate irrelevant information and provide you with the information which is required. You will get filtered information from the posts, feeds, and blogs which you may like. You can improve this plugin task by liking or disliking its post so that it can understand your choice very easily.


Recomedo is a useful plugin that helps your reader by recommending the relevant content on your website. It will show you similar content from the shopping sites or blogs articles so that it can improve your user’s experience. This helps in increasing your website visitors by showing them the content that your users like. This is one of the simple plugins which requires no setups and you can simply use this plugin with the authorization code which will you receive in your email.

After The Deadline

After The Deadline is a plugin that checks grammar, spellings, and style of the content on the WordPress website. This plugin detects errors and offers you with smart suggestions so that you can improve the content on your WordPress website. Earlier it was available as a standalone plugin but now it is available in Google Chrome addon. After installing this plugin, it will identify and highlights the mistake on the content. This is must have plugin if you have a WordPress website.

Kindred Posts

This plugin help to attract the customers to your website. It gives detailed information on how your visitor uses your website and recommends content based on their interest. It works by placing a sidebar on your webpage that contains recommended results based on your previous searches. You can also add tracking code that allows you to see what recommendations are being read. This helps to engage more users in your website.

Quttera Web-Malware Scanner

This plugin automatically scans the virus, After installing malware and various other cyber threats in your website. This will also prevent your website from hackers and investigate your WordPress files. Quttera Web Malware Scanner also helps you to prevent your website from hacking and provide you with special remedy steps.


Akismet is an artificial intelligence and machine learning which is used to scam comments. This plugin comes with the WordPress website and lots of website developers are unaware of this fact. It works as a shield by detecting all the comments and misleading link in your content.  This also provides a status history for each comment so that you can learn and identify the spammy comments. Basically, this plugin is free for personal sites and blog whereas you have to subscribe to the monthly plan for its commercial sites. It is one of the useful plugins which is used to protect your WordPress security.

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