Social media is one of the largest platforms that enables people from all around the globe to connect with each other. With a major pandemic hitting last year, many people and businesses were able to communicate their messages with the help of social media. 

It is a powerful networking source that has now become a part of the ever-evolving and tech-savvy digital marketing world. This is a great way to enhance your online reputation and to increase the organic traffic of your business even without getting into much hassle. 

There are a number of companies that provide you with the facility of social media management to anchor your place stronger in the market and to assist you in targeting your relevant potential customers. 

However, for many startups, it might not be possible to get professional services in social media management due to the lack of budget, and they eventually have to do everything all by themselves to stand out in the competition. 

For this very reason, you can use several types of social media marketing tools that would certainly help you a lot to reach your goals and be at the top of your game. 

Here are some of the topmost types of social media marketing tools that you can use in 2021 to fulfill your purpose without getting yourself into much hassle.

This social media marketing tool is basically a cloud-based program that is used for customer experience management solutions, and it features tools like publishing content, social media listening, customer and data management, and engagement. 

This tool also has a social inbox feature as well as social listening and monitoring, and it does not have an influencer search feature in it. 

However, it is still a fully encompassed tool that can be able to help any business regardless of what size it is. It also provides the users with a  certain content calendar collaborating with the marketing teams. 


Agropulse is very much similar to a fully integrated social media management platform, as it contains all the primary features that include social inbox, scheduling, team collaboration, visual calendars, as well as analytics. 

In addition to that, it also provides you with the option of boosted social media posts and caters to you with a competitor analysis in order to really capture the attention of your target audience in the most efficient manner. 

However, unfortunately, this tool does not have any kind of influencer feature in it, which means you can not really be able to stalk your favorite leaders of your niche.


This tool is also one of the fully integrated social media management software that are geared towards a digital marketing agency or any medium-sized business that tends to manage multiple accounts or clients. 

Although they do not provide you an influencer search feature, it caters to you with a social monitoring and listening feature, which, nowadays, is becoming a major feature that is required amongst most businesses. 


This social media managing tool is one of the best tools due to its grassroots content marketing efforts in the past. It is providing more value to the marketing agencies ad, large business teams. 

As social media management tools should be a consistent and expanding platform, an engineer is packed with all the value that every thriving social media team needs and wants. 

It has an intuitive scheduler toting auto-posting feature that comes with smart quotes, social CRM, and a very smart inbox so that you would never miss a review, engagement, or message from your analytics reports.