There are multiple apps available in the AppStore. And most of them are purchasing app which offers the best feature then official app. But it is most difficult to choose among them. We have created a list of the top 10 best-paid apps for the iPhone. Even their price is also available, so it will be easy for you to get the right one. So take a look at the best-paid app for iPhone 2019 and choose your favorite one.

10 Best Paid Apps For iPhone Ever 2019:

1. Spotify Premium:

Spotify is a music listening app. Where you’ll find limitless music. In other words there, Spotify contains a vast music library. Where you any find any artists song. The official premium app offers us many fantastic resources. But when we talk about Spotify premium, it includes many amazing features. As we know, Spotify premium is a purchase in-app, where you have to buy this premium subscription.

After subscription, you’ll enjoy limitless resources in it. Firstly, you can download any music and even can listen to it offline anytime and anywhere. Secondly, now you’ll not block those annoying ads that come between while listening to music. And enjoy ad-free music. Also, users can play there same Spotify id on the phone and laptop at the same time. So, Spotify Premium is worth it, as it offers many resources. Also, if you want to get this purchase in-app for free, then you can install the Spotify premium hacked app. To download this free premium version click on this link ”Spotify Premium iOS”.

2. Specter Camera:

The specter camera is like a new camera on your phone. Which includes super HD quality pictures. Even it consists of a comprehensive and ultra-wide view. It costs $2.99 in AppStore. If you like to enjoy this fantastic app, you have to buy it from AppStore. It also offers the portrait mode focus on the object or people you want to highlight. The other will get blurry. That’ll make you more highlight in the picture and even more accurate.

Another fantastic feature in Specter Camera is its night mode option. Which shows if you like to capture any night scene and need light.  Then click the night mode option, and you’ll get a fantastic night click.  Even you can take a full clear picture from a distance.

3. Facetune:

Want to redefine your image in the best way? Facetune is the best option. Just edit your photographs and enhance their quality with the Facetune app. It also transforms your phone click pictures like cameras click. Every professional clicker clicks and writes all the images with high software. Well, now you can also edit your photos like a professional. Facetune allows all the pro resources in just a few bucks. Facetune app costs Rs 299 in AppStore.

You’ll get many tools in the app to redefine your photo. And it will clear up your skin and hide your agings. It includes tools like, you can hide blemishes and make your skin clear. Also, you can whiten your teeth for a bright look. Even users can change their eye clour, as it includes a color lens. Also, change your hairstyle and hair color. Even add up makeup to your look.

4. Procreate Pocket:

Do you have artistic skills in you And like to showcase somewhere? Well, if yes! Then Procreate Pocket is a fantastic app for you. Here, you can make your canvas by yourself. It costs  $4.99 in the AppStore.  As you don’t need to download any software in your pc for digital paints. As of now, you can make all the masterpieces on your phone. You have to go to the Procreate Pocket app.

Procreate Pocket offers a verity of tools for painting. You can have hundreds of brushes in this app and even unlimited color. Also, you can make up your clours. It will make your canvas in ultra HD quality. It is your hand studio, which you can take anywhere. It’s easy and professional.

5. HotSchedules:

Hotschedules is a schedule managing app where you can arrange all your employees ‘ schedules and inform the team. As now, you can update all the schedule information in this app, and everyone will get to know.  Like if you want to manage a new schedule for the employes. Just update in the HotSchedules app, and everyone will know.

Everyone loves this app, as you can choose your shift and go for extra hours by updating an app. It cost 2.99 in the AppStore. Even it comes with a calendar that adds up all the information of your shifts.

6. The Wonder Weeks:

The child learns all from the parents, and its there responsibility to give the best to there children. As taking all the duties, it also essential to take care of there mantel health. As they should learn from the very start even, they don’t speak. But it’s important what you feed in there mind.

The Wonder Weeks is an app, for the baby’s mental development, it also includes calendar maintenance. So you can have a record of the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby. This app costs 3.99 in the AppStore, but it’s worth giving for your child. Also, you can have wonder week bookes for there mantel goodness. Also, leap alarm s available for their routine.

7. Forest – Stay focused:

We all know that nature is the most critical thins, even can say number one. But as we watch, pollution is overtaking landscape and harming it. So, now we have come with a fantastic ”FOREST- stay focused”. Where you can take a full-time table of the frozen plants. Just grow as much as the plant you can and update there day to day information in the app. It will recognize you with nature more, and you’ll stay away from the phone and connect more to life.

Forest – Stay focused is for today’s users as they can connect ore to nature. And will save the environment in the best way. Also, they can stay away from the phone and will link to the environment. Just create your forest and get free rewards from the app.

8. Pocket God:

What if you were the creator of the universe and what you will do for this universe. Well, if you ever wish for this, so now you can create your island and give as many lives. And as like god, you can take that life anytime. Just provide the necessary natural thing to the little creatures. You can also grow plants and even can bring natural disasters. It’s a fun game to play with much fantastic stuff. You can all revolve the living being. Also, you can make up their lives or can destroy them. Now it’s up to you, what kind of creature you will be.

9. Sky Guide:

Ever like to know more about the universe? Well, if yes, then it’s beyond the book studying. Now you can watch all the universe functions in the Sky Guide app. Where you have to open the app and hold the camera opposite to the sky. And you’ll get to know everything. Like you can find stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more.

Now you can know everything about the universe by just staying at home. It is a different concept, which is also suitable for children. As you can gain much knowledge about everything in the sky,

10. Cute CUT Pro:

Now you can make your movies with the Cute CUT Pro app. Just cut your videos and add a picture in it, you can now easily make the video. There are many tools available so that you can add more variation in the video. Also, you can add text to the videos. And the best part users can also add stickers and emojis, which will make your video more fun to watch.


As we are summing up all, now we can say there are multiple apps available in the AppStore. But we have arranged a list for you, that will make you easy to choose from all. All of these apps are purchase in, and you can buy them from AppStore. You have to pay some amount, and you can enjoy limitless resources. All these apps are for good and will are worth paying. So, just read from all and choose your best one.