Big data is creating a lot of buzzes these days. So what actually big data is? Here, we will be discussing 5 important things about big data analytics.

Brief about Big Data Analytics

Data is a series of random facts and details while information can be defined as the data that has been analyzed and given context. The process by which raw, massive sets of mostly unstructured data are analyzed can often be described as big data analytics. This is a way by which market trends, patterns and customer preferences are revealed to help businesses in their decision-making endeavors.

How to access Big Data?

Big data is increasing with time and can be availed in an endless number of places. Just a simple Google search will help you find data related to everything. However, the process of accessing and utilizing these data can be divided into six groups. They are as follows

  • Data extraction

Data can be extracted easily through API call to company’s web service.

  • Data storage

A good data provider allows you a straight-forward and safe place to store your data. This is the most important part of data management.

  • Data cleaning

Before storing the data, it needs to be ensured that the data is clean and in an acceptable format.

  • Data mining

Through this process, insights can be discovered within a database.

  • Data analysis

Here comes the main part, soon after the collection of data, it needs to be analyzed so that market patterns and trends can be predicted.

  • Data visualization

This process involves programming languages and it takes all the previously performed tasks together and generates visualization as outputs.

Career prospects in Big Data

As Big Data is growing at a rapid pace, it’s hardly a matter of surprise that the volume of career opportunities related to it will also increase. According to a recent prediction, a Big Data Engineer will earn an average salary of $150,000 a year.

How to learn more about big data

Big data is a vast subject, in order to learn all about this subject you need to have knowledge of several areas. If you are willing to work in this particular field then you would be requiring an array of certain skills such as a programming language basics which has a relation with data analysis like Python, SQL or SAS, a sound understanding of math’s and statistics, basic excel skills and experience on scrapping a webpage. There are many websites that offer online Big data courses but if you’re into a conventional learning style, there are numerous colleges that offers this course or you can up your game and get a masters degree in data science.

Analytics is all about problem-solving skills

When it comes to analytics, it’s all about solving problems. These days with the advancement of technology problems happen at a much larger scale than what it used to be and effects the entire businesses along with the customers they serve and the staffs. Data analytics teaches an employee how to look at different aspects of data and draw a conclusion from the same.

Analytics is everywhere these days

Not only the high demand for data analytics can provide huge financial benefits to graduates but also it calls for all kinds of new opportunities for talented employees in a variety of different industries.

It’s becoming more important by the day

With a large number of data available with us, the world of analysis is witnessing flourishment at a rapid pace. According to predictions, the value of data analysts will increase which in turn will create better job opportunities and career progression options. Thus, it is the perfect time for all aspiring data analysts to embark on their journey into the world of big data analytics. Undoubtedly, analytics is the way right now. Every organization is adopting analytics, be it aviation or manufacturing plants. With such a boom in this field, data analysis skills are not only important but also the need of the hour. In fact, a few years back also businesses used to gather information, run analytics and unearthed useful information for decision making, the entire procedure was very time consuming and inefficient, but now businesses can identify insights for immediate decision making. Big data analytics has blessed organizations with a competitive edge which they lacked.