With massive advancement in technology as well as access to the internet, it has been observed that people are more drawn to social media platforms, and it has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. One of the most common social media website used by people globally is Facebook. It currently has over a billion users who regularly use it to keep in touch with their families and friends. Also, it is used by them to gather knowledge about what’s happening in this world every day.

Now to chat on Facebook, people use the Messenger application. However, there are a few issues which you might come across when using this application. The primary issue which you may face is where the application stops working and informs users to try again. This issue is simply known as pname com facebook orca error. Through this article, you will know about this problem in detail as well as different approaches through which it can be solved instantly without much hassle.

pname com facebook orca- What is it?

Before diving into the solutions, you should know about this issue and some other aspects of it. This is an error which appears on your smartphone’s screen if any compatibility issue arises or installation isn’t completed. Whatever the reason is, it is quite irritating, and most people aren’t aware of what is going wrong. There are numerous people searching for this problem through search engines and coming across several solutions. Some works quite well and some don’t.

Don’t Be Scared- This is not a virus or malware!

What you must understand the fact is pname com facebook orca is not a malware or virus.

This is a package or folder which is automatically created when anyone starts using the Messenger app on his/her smartphone. This folder is quite beneficial as it aids in storing files, images, plugins audios and videos along with the messenger app’s cache in a device.

It is default system folders which can be found in the file manager. Apart from the aforementioned benefits, it also assists in retrieving numerous deleted conversations which took place on the Facebook messenger app.

Do you know what is orca katana?

This is another folder which is created in a smartphone’s automatically, at the moment you install the Facebook app. Also, as soon as this application is uninstalled, Facebook orca katana disappears. This is simply a system default package or folder where information or data is stored using programming language. Like pname com facebook orca, this is also not any virus or malware.

Why this error appears?

As it was aforementioned, this occurs when the installation process is interrupted. Such inadequate installation procedure might occur due to lag when this social media application is being updated or installed. This leads to issues which, in turn, cause this error.

Where to find both these folders?

  • Both of the system folders pname and katana can be found on “My files” option of your smartphone’s menu
My files
  • By clicking it you will be able to see “Internal Storage” option
Internal Storage
  • After that, you have to click on the “Android” file
  • Now you will come across a folder named data
  • After entering in this folder you will be able to see the kata package first and then scrolling down will lead on to the ‘pname’ folder.
System Files

Will deleting it solve the problem?

This is the most common question which is asked by users who face this problem. No matter what one says to you, always remember that deleting pname com facebook orca and Facebook orca katana will not help and is never a solution to this unique trouble.

You may ask why it won’t help?

Well, first of all, even if you manage to delete this folder, as soon as once you start using this application, it will be automatically created again. This error will keep displaying on your device screen whenever you start this app. Hence, deleting it is not the solution. Fixing it is the only way to get rid of it.

How can this problem be solved?

Well, as you have already read that deleting the system folders like pname com facebook orca won’t help. Thus, to solve this problem, you have two option for solutions which are below. Take a look!

1. First Approach

  • To get rid of this irritating issue, first, simply enter the ‘settings’ menu on your smartphone.
  • Here, you will find a menu named “Applications”. Clicking and entering this package will lead to all the apps that are already installed on your device.
  • By scrolling down you will find those two apps Facebook and Messenger.
  • Here, opening both these applications will lead to a series of choices, one of which is “Storage”
  • From storage, you have an option for clearing data of both the apps without deleting the system folder ‘pname com facebook orca’.

This clearing of data removes all information that was stored in the Messenger application and resets this app. Hence, the message which pop-ups and irritates will no longer be shown

However, if this problem still persists what you will do then? This is why other methods are included below so that no matter what, this issue gets resolved.

2. Second approach

Even after following the first method, if the problem still exists and hinders the experience of using Facebook and chatting there, then this second one should do the trick. This approach is quite simple. Yours require doing is you have to ‘uninstall Facebook Messenger app’.

  • You can uninstall it from the play store of a device
Play Store
  • You have to search  the application on the search bar of the play store
Search Box
  • After that click on the “uninstall” button
Uninstall messenger

In spite of this method for uninstalling the app you have another option that is more quite easy

  • Just touch the app icon on the screen for a few seconds that lead to popping up of few options like uninstall, app info, etc.
Unsinstallation of messenger
  • Uninstall your Messenger app any of the above ways. Then after a few moments go to Play Store and reinstall it. After this, the app should work appropriately.
Install messenger

Now you are aware of what is pname com facebook orca as well as how to solve this issue if it occurs in your device. Also, you have more than one method here, which ensures that your problem will be resolved one way or another.

3. Last Approach

This is the final approach and should be only applied if the previous ones fail to do the job. Now you are well aware of how to uninstall Facebook Messenger application from the second method. So, following that uninstall the app first.

Now access your Android data files opting by first going to “My Files” and select “internal Storage”. After go to Android >Data then you will come across two files com.facebook.katana and com.facebook.orca which should be deleted.

Delete two files

Now restart your device first. After it restarts one can visit the Play Store and reinstall the app.

This will solve your problem, but this will come at a price. Since those two important system folders are deleted, you won’t be able to restore the deleted chats. Hence, it is of utmost importance that one goes through this step only if it’s required. Also, backup any conversation which might be essential before going through this method.

Now you are aware of what is pname com facebook orca as well as how to solve this issue if it occurs in your device. Also, you have more than one method here, which ensures that your problem will be resolved one way or another.