Sims 4 is by far one of the most streamlined Sims games developed till now. The positives weight out the negatives any day. Starting to form the very basic creating-a Sim to all the events and tasks you are assigned for. You can also get the Sims 4 Free Download from my guide below.

But, we always suggest purchasing the game to gain the full features.

One of the best-augmented reality games ever to have been developed, Sims 4 has taken the Sims legacy a step further with their recent innovations.

About Sims 4

Here is the best part of Sims 4. Their objective based design has been so detailed, that every task and events, even parties have goals to be archived. Every Sim has a goal to achieve with their personal traits too. With the well-directed life goals and milestones to be unlocked, you will always get tasks to complete.

Sims 4 has also innovated their career goals for each Sim. You can also have an e-sports career to live stream your Sims games. Unlocking more goals and achievements with interactions that help you level up.

Sims 4 Free Download For PC

Installation Process of The Sims 4 on Your PC

It is actually a very simple strategy to get Sims 4 on your PC.

  • Download the file From the above Torrent Link
  • After that extract the .rar or .zip file
  • Run the setup file
  • After that Wait until the installation process done
  • A popup window will open, activate the game with given key
  • Finally, Let’s enjoy the game

The Pros and Cons |Sims 4|

Sims 4 Pros 

There are many features that have made Sims 4 a stand out one in comparison to their other Sims legacy.

  • Detailed Sim Creation
  • Building and Modeling is Easier
  • Supernatural Sims are Redefining
  • No More Unrealistic Goals in Adult Life

Sims 4 Cons

  • No in-content creation – Like you will not get to model your own floors and walls
  • Too Many Moods to Choose From

Sims 4 – Where to Fix the Bugs

There are to straightforward way to fix some of the in-game bugs. But, one of the best places that have helped me navigate through fixing some of the Sims 4 issues is the following EA Sports Sims 4 Forum. You can click there and find solutions to almost all your technical issues in regard to your Sims 4. All solutions are included, such as in0-game bugs and also loading bugs.

Sims 4 Features

Sims 4 Innovation

The lifelong goal for the Sims games is to upgrade on the socioeconomic hierarchy. And, Sims 4 has innovated how we create Sims making the ‘Gallery’ tab even more efficient stacked with user-generated building catalogs. You also get the plush list of furniture and kitchen appliances you are looking for.

The Sims Tracker

The best innovation and update of Sims 4 is how you actually end up tracking your Sims. Your Sims mood meter will not go down if your Sims bladder meter risky too. Now, you will just probably embarrass yourself. Your mood meters are shift-able now. You can just shift your mood form ‘Fine’, “Flirty’ etc.

Making it very easy to track your Sims. Your mood will now affect the entire gameplay and your augmented skill progression too. You get to unlock different interactions based on how you engage in the game and your Sim’s mood meters.

Never Lose Sim Skills in Other Worlds

If you are a veteran Sims gamer then by now you know that new worlds and exploring them is crucial. It builds your Sims quality in skills and socio-economic standards. And, it also keeps you inspired. Usually, in the previous Sims collections, you would be losing your built skills and characteristics if you shifted your Sim to another neighborhood or world.

Well, in Sims 4, you will be keeping whatever skills and characters you built your Sim with even when you come back home, no matter which world you explore.

Drag+Drop+Create Your Sim

Remember the days when we had to literally scroll through long gallery tabs? Well, Sims 4 has done away with all of that tedious work. Simply drag and drop and create your Sim’s physical aspects at a simple click.

Even when it comes to the features, you end up making the detailed changes you desire instead of relying on customized ones.

Emotionally Driven Gameplay

Here is another thing, when it comes to our Sims, we want more emotionally driven activities. And, this is where having such emotionally driven stimulations actually change how we progress in the socio-economic ladder. For example, if your Sim is angry, you can use that emotion to punch more bags in the gym or do extensive pushups.

EndNote:  All in all Sims 4 is far more bug-free and easy to handle Sims game out of all the other Sims world games. Giving you far more detailed augmented reality where your Sims engage and interact based on their feelings and emotional fulfillment.