Is YouTube safe for my child?

YouTube is the most popular video website launched by Google. This American video-sharing site has received immense love and popularity because of the vast list of content it hosts. Kids and parents both love YouTube as it is the best way to while away the hours.

Lately, YouTube has come under fire for allowing explicit and disturbing contents online. A lot of inappropriate content on YouTube kids has slipped through the cracks. Many parents have come forward to complain against the YouTube kid version, which was supposed to hide unsuitable contents from kids.

There are several ways to keep your child away from the content, but one essential tool that can completely lock your child’s YouTube addiction is Parental Control App for Time Schedule. We will read about parental controls in detail after learning the unseen risks on YouTube.

How do wrong videos land in your kid’s suggestion box?

YouTube allows users to upload, share, rate, report, and comment on contents. That’s not all! YouTube is undoubtfully one of the major money-making arenas. If you got talent, build an empire on YouTube!

According to some experts, the primary reason behind inappropriate videos landing in your kid’s timeline – SEO, or search engine optimization.

SEO is the method to intermingle any video in any category. The Black hat SEO techniques try to reach a broader audience by adding misleading keywords, titles, description, images and everything else possible. These flawed methods are responsible for showing undesirable contents.

Apart from flagging inappropriate content or blocking it, there isn’t much you can do about unsuitable videos. Once flagged, YouTube considers the video for review and implements age restrictions or erases the video altogether.

What are the hidden dangers of YouTube and YouTube kids?

In spite of all the precautions, unknown dangers surround your kids. Let us provide you some details on the harmful YouTube videos that impact kids’ mental state.

Your kids may stumble into the following type of content:

  • Video containing sexual content and offensive language.
  • Adult cartoons like The Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.
  • Various types inappropriate stunts
  • Scary and unfit pranks
  • Game descriptions with adult content
  • Contents on improper spiritual and religious practices
  • And, many such dark and negative videos

The problem with YouTube is not likely the content, but the suggestions that pop up one after the other. You cannot just watch one video and stop; YouTube will keep suggesting similar content to lure your kid’s inquisitive brain.

How can you save your kids from YouTube contents?

No doubt, YouTube and YouTube kids have enforced parental controls, but they have not been successful with the measures. Many unfit and harmful videos cropped up in the kids’ section.

It is better to get wiser and make some small changes at home for a healthy family environment:

Watch videos with your kids

There is no replacement for this habit. There is always a small chance your kid may hide some details from you. Watching videos together assures healthy content because two eyes are still better than one.

Turn off Auto Play

The primary reason for parent’s frustration is Auto-play which keeps showing similar or relevant content. Kids are young and curious; nothing can stop them from watching one more video of their taste.

Password protected apps

If you want to take the easy road, set password on devices or specific apps, your kids do not need to watch videos in your absence. The idea is to keep digital media permission based. If kids need to watch a video, can keep their reason on the table and parents can grant permission by unlocking the app.

Watch videos only in public devices or open areas

If your kids travel to school and come back home, do you think they require a personal smartphone for a short journey? No, we don’t.

Unless your kids are often traveling for competitions or trips, we don’t see the requirement of personal cell phones.

Use parental control apps

Parental control apps offer a 360-degree check on your kids. Right from YouTube to any app that focuses on disturbing content, parental controls can protect your child.

How can parental control apps protect from YouTube videos?

It is a known fact that YouTube has parental controls within its app.

In spite of the timer, safe search option and content blocking and reporting feature, lot of complains surfaced in the last couple of years. We all had heard about the infamous Peppa Pig episode that shook parents across the world.

There are several ways to safeguard kids from the risks of disturbing videos on YouTube. One of the smart and cheapest ways is – implementing a parental control app for Time schedule.

Bit Guardian Parental control app knocks off kids’ app addiction entirely by limiting the child’s screen time. Set a time schedule for the YouTube app and watch videos on the scheduled time together with your kid.

YouTube can be amusing and educational if videos are diverted in the right direction. Install the best parental control app for Time Schedule and turn YouTube into a joyful ride.