Technology is developing with each day passes and thousands of useful technologies are being invented. There are some mind-blowing technologies that most people don’t know about their existence. Here, I’m going to discuss some useful technologies that you will surely like to have and you can. As we are moving towards the future, life is becoming easier by the invention of some unexpected incredible technologies. You may hear of 3D designs, robotic machines, artificial intelligence but they are not in use by normal people. At the same time, there are some technologies that are useful for everyone but are now known that they exist. So let’s discuss what these technologies are and how they are useful.

Color changing Contact Lenses

We all know about colored contact lenses. But you may perhaps don’t know that there exists a kind of color changing contact lenses that help in examining body glucose level. These lenses change color whenever there is a drop or rise of glucose level in blood. This is a very helpful technology for diabetes patient and he can easily check for his sugar level by monitoring the color change of lenses. They are designed in such a way that then glucose molecules react with the nanoparticles in these hydrogel lenses, cause tears and these tears make the lenses color changed.

4-D Printing

You may know about 3D printing that is used in printing real-life objects. 4D printing is an addition to 3-D printing in which an object is transformed into some another shape or structure. It needs some stimuli to transform its structure such as some means of energy like water, heat, light etc. What if your jacket start changing color when comes in contact of light or when it gets wet, it changes shape to get water out? Don’t you believe? But surely you’re going to use this technology soon. And it is the most fast growing technology for the future.

Ironing board mirror

Another useful technology that is a 2 in 1 mirror. This is not just a mirror though it is a mirror cum ironing board. You can use it as ironing board as well as a mirror. It is a beneficial household item. Place it vertically and it would be a mirror or place it horizontally to use it as an ironing board. One major benefit is that you would need to buy one object and it works as two. Moreover, it is easy to transport and can be clean easily. It is used for the activities that are a part of our daily life i.e. dressing up and ironing. Thus it is a smart item to be used in day to day life.

Wound sealing pens

Technology is expanding to heights with passing time. One such example of this technology is a portable laser pen that works to heal wounds. Yes, you heard it right. This technology is going to be in use very soon. Now when you go out for tracking or hiking, or you fall in an accident, don’t worry then. You will not need to find first-aid if you have this laser pen in your pocket. This laser welding helps in healing the wound externally as well as internally.

Scooter and Baby Stroller

There comes another technology that will help you with a regular lifestyle. It is a scooter cum baby stroller. One can put his baby in the buggy can didn’t need to walk as it is a scooter. It is a multi-functional scooter and helps you carry a baby. If you want to go on a walk, then you can use it as a normal buggy too. It is a baby carriage that has a skateboard near tires and it could form a good transportation means without getting worried about your kid. So, now there is no need to let your child crying while going outside for some work. Just put your baby in the buggy, pull out its skateboard, and go out on your scooter.

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