Are you planning to develop your best home theatre system? If yes, then you need both world-class hardware and software. So, if you are aiming to watch the best television shows and movies, live tournaments, and replays of your favorite sports, and listen to music, you should choose Kodi without a doubt.

What is Kodi?

Simply put, Kodi is open-source and free software that is about two decades old and got developed and designed for excellent home theatre entertainment. In the beginning, it got intended for Microsoft Xbox, and its original title Xbox Media Center (XMBC) kept on evolving and growing and surpassed the Xbox platform. Hence, Kodi team currently has set-up their community that comprises of developers and fans. To prove Kodi is intuitive and customizable, users can check the guidelines for Kodi add-ons and Kodi-boxes as well as VPNs (Virtual Private Network) and Kodi skins. It will help to get the Kodi set-up correct.

What can users watch on Kodi?

With Kodi, users can transform their tablet devices, smartphones, and computer into an online streamer or set-top box. They can stream many files from the internet, local storage, or a home network. Unlike the other TV streamers, like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, or Chromecast 2, Kodi does not face any issues related to a curated app store or license. Hence, users can download a wide range of add-ons, community-made apps, and watch anything they want.

The inbuilt codes allow users to browse photos, podcasts, and videos easily and quickly. And with a smaller device, Kodi helps to offer a similar experience, but one can get addicted to a bigger television to enjoy big-screen viewing.

Is Kodi legal?

When you are running the official apps on Kodi, nothing is illegal. Similar to the third-party torrent websites, it is not unlawful. However, what the users do with them might turn out to be objectionable. A device only becomes “illicit” when users use it to watch video content and shows without acquiring the copyright owner’s permission. This action takes place through software, hardware, or viewing the video content in a friend’s house. The illegal streaming devices are USB sticks or the boxes you plug inside the television that gets tweaked for accessing any video content for which you don’t have the approval or didn’t pay.

Stream anonymously and maintain security

Kodi users should also know about the security and privacy policies to steer clear from any illegal activities. Multiple add-ons can get you into trouble. You need to adhere to security measures before you make use of Kodi. You should ensure that no one can recognize you online and track your online activities. The government and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) can identify the users and their actions if they don’t anonymize themselves. Then you might get subjected to copyright infringement notice from the ISP and also have a legal charge to pay. The smartest way to remain safe on Kodi is to opt-in for a VPN. For instance, if you plan to browse Netflix from a region where it’s not available on the browsing radar, you need to opt-in for the best free VPN for Netflix.

Not every VPN is created equal, and some might not be compatible with Kodi. Make sure that your VPN provides you with:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • High-end security
  • Fast internet speed

How can you install Kodi on various devices?

Kodi gets backed up by various device platforms. The popular device platforms include:

  • Android TV Boxes and Android Smart TV
  • Amazon FireStick & TV
  • Windows PC
  • Mac OS
  • Android tablets and mobiles
  • iOS
  • Amazon FireStick & Fire TV

The latest official Kodi version released is called the Kodi 18.8 Leia. And the older version, which is the Kodi 17.6 Krypton, still gets used by users who are yet to opt-in for the Kodi Leia upgrade. Let’s explain the process for Amazon FireStick & Fire TV and Android Mobiles & Tablets to get a clear understanding.

Android Mobiles and Tablets

You can set-up Kodi on Android using Google Play Store. It is the easiest way for users. When you use the Play Store, you have to:

  • Type in Kodi in the Google Play Store search bar.
  • You can opt-in for the first result as that’s the Official Kodi app.
  • Click on the install option and start the download instantly.
  • Once the download is complete, you can launch this application and enjoy using the app.

There’s a manual way to install it as well. For this reason, you should allow installation from the “unknown sources.” After that, simply browse the settings options in your Android mobile and locate and enable the “unknown sources” installation. Log in to the official “” download site and choose the option for Android and download it. Once installed, you can run the application.

Amazon FireStick & Fire TV

The Amazon FireStick is a well-known media device that gets plugged in your television via the HDMI port. It is an Android device that can transform any TV into a Smart TV instantly. If you excuse a few negligible physical differences, the FireStick & Fire TV are the same. Hence, the installation process is also similar.

Amazon is yet to host Kodi. Hence, the users must download the Kodi APK file manually and install it on FireStick. After that, refer to the following steps:

  • Allow application installation from unidentifiable sources.
  • Once you boot it, there will be a pop-up in the application feeds. Sometimes, the pop up might not appear. If that happens, you should check the installed apps and find the downloaded.
  • After downloading it, you should copy the Kodi URL and paste the same here. It will direct you to a webpage for you to install Kodi.
  • On the next page, you will come across all the available Kodi versions.
  • Opt-in for the correct version. When the download gets completed, a pop-up appears after the installation. You have the choice to remove the installed file to have free space.

You will have access to Kodi on the recent files. Now you can launch the application and start using it. Once you know these facts, you can use Kodi without any doubt and make no errors.