The common question among business owner in online marketing is “Should I use SEO or PPC” to drive traffic to my website.  SEO vs PPC can be explained as Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic via search engines. Both SEO and PPC come under Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


SEO vs. PPC Breakdown:

First, let’s explore the real difference between SEO and PPC.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO is all about getting organic (or) natural traffic to your website by ranking your business keywords higher in Search Engine result page (SERPs) in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

PPC (Pay per Click): PPC is all about running paid ads in search engine result page. Here we need to pay for advertising space to advertise our website for specific keywords. We need to pay search engines based on the clicks.

For Example: If the keyword has average bid of 10$. For every clicks, we need to pay 10$ for search engine.

  • Now, SEO seems better than the PPC. For many reason SEO is preferred as it offer organic traffic to your website for longer period.
  • SEO is long term process, ranking a website takes more time and effort based on the keyword search volume, competitor, etc.
  • PPC plays an important role to dive instant traffic to your website.
  • Running a PPC campaign is the part of SEO strategy.
  • PPC is extremely beneficial for new business to convert more business leads.

Final Verdict:

  • PPC is best option to get instant traffic. You need to be aware of Google AdWords to run successful PPC Campaign.
  • SEO requires more patience, as you need to optimize your website to get your website ranked higher in search engine.
  • Collectively, SEO and PPC deliver great boost to your business. You need to plan marketing campaign based on your business needs.