If you’re a movie enthusiast who enjoys spending your spare time on streaming sites, you most likely have heard about Rainierland. Most movie addicts find the website’s colossal content and variations in categories highly appealing.

What’s more, not only does the site offer you free content, but it also presents you with outstanding features, along with an easy to access process.

Let’s take a look at the features that make Rainierland your first stop site when looking for a movie:

  • First, it’s free
  • Offers diverse content to its devotees
  • High-quality video shows and episodes
  • Quick updates and latest movie trailers
  • Absence of adverts and no interruptions when streaming a movie or TV Show
  • Easy to use interface
  • Requires no downloads
  • Daily updates with the most recent videos in the market
  • The site doesn’t require registration or credit card details
  • Movie samples available on the homepage

Legal Status of Rainierland

In comparison to other websites like Netflix or Hulu which charge you subscription fees monthly, Rainierland is free for all. But whereas both Netflix and Hulu don’t violate any written laws, the same can’t be said of Rainierland.

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Users, therefore, face the dilemma of choosing between watching the alternate legal content and paying for it, or trusting that Rainierland will continue entertaining them. Watching a movie on Rainierland for free doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong.

Future Hold For Rainierland

What does the future hold for Rainierland? It’s hard to tell, especially after the original site was shut down in 2016, but later resurfaced. Like every other illegal website, you can expect that it will intermittently be in the crosshairs of the law, and no one knows when the circumstances will change. Regardless, the site continues to attract a significant flow of worldwide streamers who enjoy the many attractive attributes and media content on offer.

Rainierland’s Alternatives

If you want to take a break from Rainierland and try out other movie streaming websites, what other sites can offer you similar benefits? One, you can opt to take up the subscription option or take a look at the Rainierland substitutes discussed below that will turn your days into a marathon of unlimited shows.

1. StreamLikers

Like Rainierland, StreamLikers is a popular site that provides its guests with the latest collection of movies without them having to pay a dime. All you’re required to do is go online, and after a simple search, you’re set up to watch any popular movie or series. Upon identifying your movie or series choice, the link delivers an online stream. Also, the website avails you the option of downloading the movie if you choose to watch it later offline.

  • No pop-ups and ad ons appeared on the screen on each click like other website making your movies watching experience excellent
  • Collection of movies are admirable, you have a wide range of options to select your choice
  • The users can also download the movies
  • You cannot stream content without registering into the website

2. 123Movie

123 Movies

123Movies site also allows you to watch all your favored movies and TV series without regard for registration. Neither will it require you to log-in or provide personal details and email addresses. Subsequently, this saves you time while also protecting your identity from prying eyes.

In the mold of Rainierland, the site has structured sections, meaning you can quickly browse through the latest installments of movies, series, and TV shows—allowing you to scheme your entertainment path in advance. Likewise, the service is free of any costs.

  • Huge collection of films in high definition video quality is available on 123movies
  • A great variety in movie genre is emphasized on this movie streaming website
  • Watching movie is absolutely free and you do not even have to sign up to stream
  • 1. The site has number of clone site which are infamous for unwanted phishing files and internet viruses

3. Fox Movies

Fox Movies

Fox Movies is a leading platform, considerably esteemed on the internet. Akin to Rainierland, it ensures that you enjoy your online movie streams without you having to pay a single penny. Besides, you get to choose from a variety of movie genres; comedies, action, thrillers, romance, fantasy, fiction, and many more. In addition, it furnishes you with an extensive collection of documentaries to satisfy your interests. Basically, this is a must-try Rainierland alternative site that you should experience at least once in your movie exploits.

  • The layout of the website is very clear and easy for the users
  • The users also can read an article about movies and upcoming films
  • A Unique collection of documentary films makes the website a bit different from others
  • Not all the latest collections are free of cost; you can only watch a selected collection of movies without paying
  • The website is a bit slow to load the home page

4. Putlockers.cafe


For your weekend binge-shows, seek out Putlocker.cafe. Much like Rainierland, it allows you to watch and download your favorite movies, while also delivering a wide range of genres. For no payment, you get to delight in comedies, drama, animations, etc. In the same vein, you can also take advantage of the Japanese anime series. So, if you’re a series fan, this is the site that should get you excited most.

  • The responsiveness or the user interactive of this site is one of the best features
  • An attractive collection of movies and TV series make the difference from others
  • Ad ons are sometimes irritating as it opens on every click
  • The site is a bit slow when loading the pages

5. XMovies8

XMovies 8

Looking for a Rainierland alternative? XMovies8 features compare well with Rainierland. First, it accommodates a comprehensive collection of movies and TV shows in its data repository. Every media content is of the highest quality. Also, the streaming site provides an easy to follow movie download process for a range of media qualities to suit you as the user.

What’s unique about the site? You’ll find a rare browsing feature on the site that allows you to pick your movies or sequels using the director’s names. Besides, the large variety of videos on the site to choose from, you also get to filter your selection according to the genre. And that’s not all; it also has a unique column for trending shows and most-watched movies to guide you when you don’t have an idea of what to sample.

  • A good collection of movies to stream online as well as for downloading
  • Variety in film genre is the point of attraction
  • The user interface is not so cool; it may seem a bit hazy
  • Unnecessary ads and pop-ups come on the screen that spoils things

6. HubMovie

Hub Movie

Not only does HubMovie have an impressive collection of movies for you, but you’ll also find a significant number of TV shows, series, and thrillers on the site. Indeed, it is famous as well for its drama offerings. With all the media on the website featured in HD quality, giving you an unforgettable experience similar to Rainierland.

Likewise, it has a straightforward user interface, allowing you to request for the movies you’re unable to locate on the site. Equally, you can inquire for missing episodes from the platform. Moreover, the site provides filters to help you sort the movies according to your likes. Hence, granting you the ability to view different genres in separate sections, making searching much easier for you.

  • The menu section of this site is very simple to understand and use
  • You can request for the new movies to be added in the site
  • There are explicit details on the site for the upcoming movies as well as TV series
  • This is comparatively slow to the other best movie streaming sites
  • The users might be bothered by the abundance of ads and pop-ups

7. Openload Free TV

Open Load Movies

As the name implies, the Openload Free TV main attraction is that it’s free—while affording the user a robust streaming platform with a substantial range of movies and TV sequels. Once you go through the site, you will find much of it similar to Rainierland.

More so, in terms of the vast content availed for you to choose from, making the platform suitable for most of your entertainment needs. All you need to do is open the website and start watching your favorite movies or series—at no cost.

  • Watch all the latest movie releases on this movie streaming website
  • A rich collection of latest TV series available here
  • No cost to watch movies and no sign up is required
  • Pop up come at every click until the streaming get started

8. MovieGO

Movie Go

the movie is a formidable website that is also similar to Rainierland, enabling you to follow your television shows and watch your movies online for free. But what sets it apart from other sites is its unique design. Conversely, you will find its filter display option ideal for finding a movie based on ratings, genre, trending, etc.

As such, you can conveniently filter out the media you find inappropriate, thus making it relatively easy to find the movie you would like to watch. Evidently, this site is for all, given how easy you’ll be able to operate it regardless of prior experience.

  • An ideal interface from the users shows trending movies, genre and movie ratings
  • All the latest releases are available to watch online
  • User can filter things to find the movie to stream or download
  • The site is not so fast responding rather bad interactive experiences here
  • Lot broken links explored clicking on the play buttons

9. NewMovies


NewMovies is quite comparable to Rainierland. One, it gives unconstrained entertainment while at the same time keeping ahead of the pack by frequently updating its media content—meaning you don’t have to miss anything. Besides movies, the site also streams TV shows.

In addition to having high-quality media, the site also incorporates enough filters to assist you in the search process. Not to mention, it’s free for everyone, giving you access to its vast range of media content without you having to pay for it. 

In the same way as Hub movie and Rainierland, this site is famous for its wide variety of TV shows and sequels while also integrating a simple user interface.

  • The media quality on this website is extraordinary
  • Using lots of filtering process you can easily find movies of your type
  • The easy user interface is another attraction of this site
  • Despite having such good quality the site lacks good ad on and pop up management

10. Fmovies

F Movies

In line with the awe-inspiring Rainierland, Fmovies provides users with an adequate alternative. Delivering remarkable features at no cost to the user, thus attracting a significant number of movie streamers on the backdrop of a timeless collection of movies and popular TV shows.

Behind its tremendous success among its peers is its robust user interface—combining thirteen different languages, chief among them English to support the website. Compared to other similar sites, the number of interruptive adverts on the website is significantly lower, leaving you to stream your quality media hassle-free. Unlike Rainierland, the site requires you to register and create a free account to be able to access its content.

Fmovies is a sturdy online host streaming website capable of searching and locating movies or shows from databases of other similar inline websites after you create a prompt. Consequently, this ability increases your chances of finding any given video from the more comprehensive database.

  • The collections of various genre films are available on this site
  • The variation of different languages in this movie streaming site is also unique
  • No registration is to be done to watch your favorite movies
  • The only disadvantage of the site is you are not spared of the ad and pop-ups when watching movies


Do you like indulging in a movie whenever you can? Now unlike at any other time, you have sites like Rainierland that assist you to stream the movies and TV shows online. Rainierland makes it possible for you to watch high-quality movies free of advertisement and at no cost. Other than movies and shows, it will also facilitate you to catch up with your favorite series. Regardless, should the site happen to be down, or is not working, you have vast access to alternative sites as listed above. With such a wide selection available to pick from, you will find it hard to cancel your binge-watching plans as a result of unforeseen circumstances.