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Looking for best PPT sharing sites that offer high quality do-follow links to your website? Then, here is the list of top PPT Sharing sites.

PPT is file extension of slide show presentation formatted developed using Microsoft Powered point, most popular presentation creator used for creating slide shows. Power point is the part of Microsoft Office Suite. PPT files contain texts, images, sounds, videos, animation and clipart. These files can be viewed using Microsoft Power Point, Power Point Viewer and other open source office suites.

PPT sharing is latest and easiest way to drive quality backlinks to your website.  You can promote your business by creating a presentation and sharing them in top PPT sharing sites.

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Sharing your PPT in top PPT sharing websites will drive additional traffic and reference to your website. Some websites also offer hyperlink option to link your website. We have been updating our list on regular basics to assist digital marketing community.

S.No  Keywords Alexa Rankings
1 Issuu.com 868
2 Slide Share.com 166
3 Scribd.com 291
4 4 Shared 407
5 PresentationFX.com 4,189
6 Animoto.com 6,515
7 Power Show.com 6,931
8 Ziddu.Com 8,230
9 Author Stream.com 14,116
10 Slide Serve.com 15,257
11 2 Shared.com 15,672
12 Slide Boom.com 36,518
13 Brain Shark.com 36,603
14 Crocko.com 69,652
15 Edocr.com 96,433
16 Templates Wise.com 105,361
17 Slide Rocket.com 158,419
18 Present.me 225,782
19 Note And Point.com 343,084
20 M 62.com 372,220
21 MasiUp.com 420,185
22 Slide Snack.com 494,963
23 Vcasmo.com 672,314
24 Slide Roll.com 752,090
25 Slide Bank.com 1,197,390

Hope my list of top PPT sharing sites will be helpful. If you are aware of new PPT sharing websites, leave as comments. We assure, your links will be added at the top of the list. Keep Sharing.

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