Magic Autofill for IRCTC Tatkal Booking

Have you ever tried to book railway ticket via online Tatkal reservation system? Then, you know the value of time. Make use of Magic Autofill Extension to make Tatkal online reservation fast and easy.

Booking a Tatkal ticket in official Indian Railway website (IRCTC) is complicated work, especially during the festival seasons. Generally, Tatkal online reservation starts at 1.00 Am every morning, passengers need to fill the IRCTC ticket reservation form in hurry. You and your internet connection need to be very fast enough to complete the application fast and book your Tatkal ticket. Else, you need to cancel your trip or arrange different mode of transport.

If you are able to fill the application very fast, you can have more possibility of booking your Tatkal ticket on time. Imagine, if you have a source that helps you to Autofill the application in seconds. Magic Autofillis a tool that allows you to fill the reservation form passenger details instantly.

Magic Autofill for IRCTC Tatkal Reservation:

IRCTC Magic Autofill is web service or extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This tool is used to Autofill Tatkal reservation form in single clicks. It increases the chance of booking the Tatkal ticket very fast.

The main aim of Magic Autofill is to automatically fill every field on the reservation form. The entire booking process is streamlined before; you need to just click a button in the Bookmarks bar.

  • Credential Details
  • Journey Planner Form
  • Selection of train
  • Passenger Details form
  • Payment Options and Details

Know About Magic Autofill Here

How Magic Autofill Works?

Magic Autofill is very important to book railway tickets at IRCTC emergency reservation portal. Prior to the reservation, you need to fill the application with all details.

  • Install Magic Autofill in your browser (Available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Opera)
  • Go to Magic Autofill for IRCTC, at least 10 minutes before the actual Tatkal booking time.
  • You need to fill the passenger details form that looks very similar to IRCTC reservation system. Once complete, just hit “I’m Felling Lucky” button.
  • It generates “Magic Autofill Button”, you need to just move and place it on your bookmarks bar.
  • During IRCTC reservation, you need to click Magic Autofill Button placed in the bookmarks bar. It automatically updates required details.
  • Then, proceed to payment section and book your ticket fast to enjoy the safe and comfortable journey.

Important Notice: IRCTC Magic Autofill was developed by Amit Agarwal and is not affiliated to Indian Railways.

Author Video on using Magic Autofill:

Introduction about Indian Railways:

Indian railway is the fourth largest network in the world. Annually, it carries 8.10 million travellers and 22 million passengers in a day. It also runs 1.100 billion tons of cargos annually. Railways are the main mode of transportation that serves almost every part of India, expert Himalayan mountain ranges and some parts of North Eastern India.

What is IRCTC Tatkal Ticket?

Tatkal is Indian railway’s emergency ticket reservation system to book ticket available for short time. It is available for all mail and express train and for all classes.

It opens on 10.00 IST every day. The number of seats available for Tatkal depends on availability.  This system is useful for passengers planning for the emergency journey.

Check out Tatkal charges, here

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