Whether you like Sudoku or not but you have to believe the fact that this game has attracted millions of people in the last 2-3 decades across the globe. The game has proved its worth amongst its lovers and hence many haters too have fallen in love with this puzzle game. People take it as a challenge to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible to prove that they have excellent mathematical and analytical skills. There are millions of Sudoku puzzle books available which you can purchase and actively solve the puzzles and if you are an internet freak, there are hundreds of websites like the Sudoku Kingdom where you can play the game as well as learn new techniques and tricks to solve puzzles quickly and efficiently. Some say that Sudoku is an amazing game and sharpens their brains while, on the contrary, some say that it is a total waste of time and must be avoided. Let’s discuss both the aspects in brief.

Why is Sudoku Beneficial?

Well, Sudoku is definitely beneficial and has many benefits as people who are regular puzzle solver say that solving Sudoku has completely changed their lives. If the Sudoku lovers are to be believed, the game has changed their perspective towards life and they feel more concentrated and competitive now as compared to earlier days when Sudoku was not their part of life. Some of the points which shows that Sudoku is beneficial as claimed by its lovers are below

  • The game increases the concentration power and you become more focused in your real life as well. You spend more time solving the puzzles which keep you focused and alert.
  • Because you love the game, solving puzzles gives you a sense of satisfaction and a feel-good hormone is released in your brain that keeps you happy and satisfied
  • Instead of wasting time on irrelevant things and bad habits like smoking, drinking, and drugs, you take out time for something healthy and constructive.
  • Since playing Sudoku is absolutely free of cost, you are nowhere putting your finances at stake.
  • There is no dependency on the internet to play Sudoku as you can get hundreds of Sudoku books in the bookstore which you can take with you while you are travelling or waiting at the airport.
  • Solving the puzzles teaches you to face real-life challenges as well and increases your ability to think and make right decisions at the right time.
Image Source: Pixabay

Why Sudoku is a waste of time?

On the contrary to what the Sudoku lovers say, people who hate Sudoku have exactly opposite to say. According to many people, playing Sudoku is a complete waste of time and you must avoid it to save yourself mentally and physically. Some of the points which shows that Sudoku is a waste of time as claimed by its haters are below.

  • When you are actively involved in solving Sudoku puzzles, you are not bothered about anything else that happens around you which is not good.
  • You are completely detached with your family, friends and your loved ones as you are addicted to this game.
  • Too much concentration on this game leads to physical and mental illness like depression, headache, nausea, watery eyes and many other small diseases which might turn big if not taken care.
  • Since the game is not easy to play, it requires advanced mathematical and analytical skill for you to successfully solve the puzzles
  • When school going kids get actively involved in the game, they start to skip classes and miss their homework which leads to finally hampering their studies.


Now, since you have seen both the positive and negative aspects of Sudoku, you can very well decide if you should go for this puzzle game or not.