In today’s world, animations have increasingly become an exquisite way to innovatively put forward even the most complex ideas with elegance and simplicity. It has the ability to help in spreading and channelizing interactions across different industries with ease. Marketers understand the psychology of your company’s targeted group and develop the characters accordingly. As for the animators, they play a crucial role in bringing these characters to life and artists strive hard effectively leveraging the basic principles of animation of clear staging, squash and stretch, follow-through, timings and subsequent action with anticipation to give a unique identity to the characters they create and bring them to life.

As long as the people have crept the surface of the earth, we have always had an eye for art and creativity. Back in the Stone Age, primitive males have also attempted to provide an impression of motion through various drawings and illustrations. Fast forwarding it to the early 1800s or the development of the camera, artists and animators have been using striking images, placing them in a sequential order to give the illusion of motion.

Speaking of today, the designing industry is continuously bombarded with the new types of animations,so it is essential for a 3D animator to be on the top of his game, to stay ahead of the competition. However, the question is how an animator can improve his or her 3D character animation skills?

Well, the answer is simple! If you are a beginner, you can practice your way through the recent styles of animation to become an expert in the designing industry. You can also use 3D Animation services to make interesting animation and set your career as an anime character creator. The second way is to read through the following tips to improve your skills as a professional character animator.

Get inspired by the real world references and observe

Getting inspired by the humanistic features can prove to be helpful while creating the face of your character. An animator can use a mirror to see the expressions of one’s face while speaking or delivering a dialogue. Another way of doing this can be recording the expressions of the voice-over artist while recording the voice-overs for animations.

It is essential for an animator to understand the way the real people interact with each other, how they express themselves and how they move around. Along with their actions, it is vital to study their timings, weight,and depth of actionto showcase their emotions in character better to give a real feel to it.

The psychology of movement and gravitation

The best way to imitate the person in your character is through understanding a person’s movements. It’s not just the actions that make a character perfect, but the thought process that triggered the response. It might seem to be an easy thing,but it has to go through heavy research to animate a character. Getting a clear image of the person being imitated helps in creating a more realistic character.

Another important thing to remember is the physics of gravity. It is a well-known fact that gravity affects every movement until you’re in space. Therefore, an animator should have a clear perception of how the gravitational pull works and its effects on every movement on the physical masses. You can start by moving a simple ball. The effect of movement can be depicted by a simple squash and stretch process caused by gravitation.

Time and body movements of a character

It is up to an animator that how much time should be utilized in an animated movie. As mentioned before, an animator should consider understanding how the human body works. It is usual that when a character moves the movement begins with the eyes, followed by the head and other parts of the body. The eyes of the characterare what the audience is attracted to.

To add a natural flow to the character’s movement, it is essential that the entire motion flows like a wave. Animating the base of the character and applying the same to the rest of the joints can do the work. Each frame needs to be edited to create a flow in the animation.

Make a movie on your own

Observing the worldly actions of human beings is not enough to create an animation. According to some leading animators, it is important to enact every shot before making it on the computer-generated animation software. Having the ability to stop rewinding and playing it on slow motion enables you to put your finger on every single detail of the action.

Recording your own video gives you plenty on inspirations to go through your strict workflow and make more lively characters for your animated video. It is not necessary for a character to speak out every single letter of the word. In order to give it your character a natural feel, make minimal lip-movements to make it more natural.

Make the key poses first

Animators need to have quite many frames to make a motion. Making the keyframes before all the frames enable you to identify how many frames you need to add to complete the action. Doing this also gives an animator a better sense of timing. Once the key frames are made, you can add or neglect a frame or two to complete the action. Making the keyframes saves the animator’s time and eases the tough workflow.

A simple rig balances the character

One of the important aspects of creating a 3D character is to keep the rig simple and effective. The animators must use the rig, customized to meet his or her style and attractions. This is a necessary step to make a high-quality character movement.

Similarly, an animator should have a natural sense of the character balance. Maintain the center of gravity of the character is important to maintain the balance of the character unless you want your character to be a slant. Maintaining the balance is as important as the physics of the gravitational pull while animating a character.

Use a basic model

Working on full resolution can be tough and time-consuming for an animator. Therefore, it is crucial for an animator to have a basic 3D model of a character to work on. This practice can certainly improve an animator’s skills and enable them to develop an impeccable 3D character animation. 

Working on high-resolution models can cause a strain on your computer slowing your animating process. Therefore, it is important to use a premade model to create high-resolution character models.


Be it a movie, a TV serial, cartoons or advertisements; we see animations all around us. Animators need to stay updated on the recent styles of animations to be in demand in this competitive industry. They bring characters to life and create propagating interactions with people across various sectors and industries.

An animator’s focus should be making simple rigs and models to create fantasticcharacter animations for the video. The tips stated in this article can help you reach the very top of the animation industry. So keep on designing!