With the above billions of active users, Instagram stands among mostly used social media platforms. There is hardly someone in the world who is not familiar to Instagram. High rate engagement and immense growth have helped drawing in brands. Each and everyone is vying for enhancing engagement as well as the attention of audiences.

Instagram Ensuring Golden Marketing Strategies

It is great to learn that Instagram is the platform that comprises of all types of qualities to ensure gold marketing strategies. The availability of few numbers of options to link as well as the schedule has resulted in driving traffic towards the website. High profile social media experts advice about some of the best ways to drive traffic with this platform.

Top Ways to Get High Traffic with Instagram in 2019

Covering aspects ranging from branding to optimizing the link of Instagram bio, there are several creative ways for attracting a high amount of traffic in 2019:

Including a call to action feature

There are two different ways of increasing traffic towards the website; preparing and scheduling Instagram posts plus creating an engaging Instagram story every day. At the same time, you must not forget to include a call to action by placing a few clicks in the bio.

Such a step will enhance your chances of directing traffic towards the website. As a starter, you may seek inspiration by peeping into other accounts. Emulating pattern of post and scheduling content without copying will also serve. You must try your best to give an easy turn to your image through creativity.

Bringing some exclusive changes in your images

Exclusive images with astonishing captions will definitely be liked by all. You may introduce exclusive changes in your existing pictures by carrying out the task with the help of several photo editing tools. On your way to implement changes, you need to give stress on brightness along with sharpness and contrast.

You may change the photo from portrait to landscape form and vice versa. It is very much essential to give stress to the overall presentation of images that you are about to use. Nicely designed pictures will enhance your profile. Also, it will contribute to popularizing your brand to a high extent.

Featuring crisp and interesting stories

Instagram has recently introduced a section that will let users create crisp and interesting stories. After you have successfully chosen a cover image by combining pictures of various events, do not forget to give it a genuine name. Stories added as highlights will always continue to be as highlights until they are replaced by new ones.

You may take help of messenger to publish your stories followed by sharing them. It has always remained a great strategy for researching ideas for a marketing platform. You must not refrain from exploring prior taking action on Instagram. It is a great idea to make the best usage of eye-catching images and live videos to capture interest from all around.

Using the platform in a frequent manner

The frequency of usage of the Instagram platform helps in creating a big difference. To carry on with the glamour and interesting output, it is a good idea to use Instagram frequently. If you maintain regularity, then nobody will dare to shun you away from this competitive market.

Posting must be done on a regular basis so that the audience may know about you. It will also increase your chances of interacting with many people at a time. More you interact; higher will be your chances of getting known to all. Instagram is a social media platform that has opened the gateway to socialize casually.

Creating highlights for driving traffic

Highlights are among the highest known Instagram features used for businesses. They will permit you to enjoy the exclusive benefits of your hard effort. Also, you may expect to carry on showing off all your links and blog posts. A little bit of research and mixing of creative ideas will do wonders.

With the help of the feature of Instagram story highlights, it will really become easy to group all your stories together. Also, you will be able to feature those stories in a permanent manner in your profile. As the feature will appear underneath your bio, it must be given prime priority. It will enhance your chances of getting your profile spotted by followers easily.

Shaking hands with genuine service providers

It is true that genuine and reputed service providers will astound you with their exclusive services. If you are planning to buy real Instagram followers, then shaking hands with genuine service providers will be of high benefit. You will be able to get the best service at a reasonable price rate.

Also, these service providers will be able to guide you all along to make your profile highlighted to all. You may expect to get amusing results sooner. Posts with a higher number of genuine followers are liked by viewers and Instagram algorithm.

Following the above-mentioned tips will definitely help in getting a high amount of traffic with Instagram in 2019.