WhatsApp is the most favorite communication app in today’s world. From chats to voice and video calls to sending voice messages, there are very few things the app doesn’t offer to users across the globe. There are more than 1.5 billion users with WhatsApp on their smartphones.

Now, if a business enterprise can connect with such a wide range of the audience to promote its products and services, would that be beneficial for the business? Would there not be an increase in sales and customer base? Would the business not reach more people irrespective of their location?

WhatsApp Business has now made it possible for business enterprises to connect with users anywhere in the world. Their aim is to help businesses engage with customers on a better level using the rich interactive interface. Enterprises that want to use WhatsApp Business should use the API documentation the company provides and integrate the API with their system.

How is it done? The answer is simple. There are many companies in the industry that provide a platform for enterprises to help with integrating their systems to various communication channels. Enterprises can use a single API platform for access numerous communication channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, and many more.

Enterprises can request early access for their business messaging needs. The company will create a plan and work in providing the result to the enterprises.

WhatsApp SMS API integration has helped many enterprises, banks, organizations get closer to their customers by effectively using the advantages provided by the integration.

Can any enterprise send messages to any user of WhatsApp? The answer is more than a simple yes or no. Business enterprises will need to take explicit permission from users before they send them messages on Whatsapp. The company is very particular about this rule, and business could risk losing their account if they do not follow it.

This has been done to ensure that users do not get bombarded with messages from various businesses and get irritated or annoyed. Business enterprises are required to take the consent of users via a mail, an SMS, a missed call, or any other method they wish to use. Or, if a customer sends a message to the business first, the business can respond to it without prior permission.

WhatsApp SMS API integration will offer the following benefits to business enterprises.

  • Enriched Customer Support Service
    • Customer service is a crucial part of business management. Happy customers result in happy businesses.
  • Moving to WhatsApp will make it easier for enterprises and customers to interact with each other with much ease.
    • Support teams can respond immediately to a message from customers. Troubleshooting will become quicker and a record of each message can be maintained.
    • Bots are created to send automated replies to basic queries and FAQs.
    • Customers can give specific information about their complaints and attach a picture or video for reference.
    • This will enable the support staff to work faster on rectifying the issue as they do not have to search for the problem area.
    • Customer queries can also be answered similarly using bots for generic questions and allowing the representative to take over the chat anytime.
    • Send promotional messages to users about discounts, deals, and new products.
    • Answer their product related queries with images of the product. Attach the link from where they can purchase the product. Include important information such as price, quality, material, etc.
    • Send regular updates about order bookings, deliveries, and payments. Keep customers updated about their bookings.
    • Send service reminders, take feedback for the service provided, convert the interaction into a transaction, etc.
    • Customize the account by adding a profile picture, a brief description of the business, the address of the stores, email id, etc.

Companies like Gupshup provide reliable, secure, and round the clock technical support to business enterprises by ensuring that the platform is error-free to send and receive messages. They have been playing a crucial role in bringing enterprises closer to customers.