Conversion goals enable to track the success of landing page and they play an important role in growing a website. A proper conversion goal is set to run a business successfully. Adding external URLs to the business website increases the conversion rate.

Setting proper conversion goals is important to run a successful business. Conversion goals increasethe visibility of the site and track the performance of site how it is working. A conversion goal is an outcome you expect from your website.

These are measurable and tell about how your site is working. Otherwise, there is no other way to determine how your site is performing. Therefore, conversion goals are important for growing a website.

Each micro goals leads to the next level, build a strong relationship and trust. This will result in getting more conversion to a website. This will also rank your website.

This article will show how you can increase the conversion rate of a website by linking to external links. In addition, show the best ways in which you can increase the optimization of your site.

Setting Multiple Conversion Goals

Untilnow, one can set and track multiple goals for better optimization of the site. They all will pay in counting towards total conversion goals. On the other hand, in general, setting up only one conversion goal is even better. It is on the list of improvement in the future.

Setting up External Conversion Tracking

An external conversion is an action that takes place on the website page other than an unbounded landing page.A un-bounce page makes you enable tracking external conversions by embedding tracking on your target page.

In some cases when a un-bounce page and external conversion are on the same domain (for example WordPress) then it might not work completely. For this purpose, one has to follow some of the steps to make it happen.

  • Open the relevant page in Un-bounce Editor.
  • Next, open the conversion goal.
  • Clear all the previous conversion goals.
  • Save and repeat all the variants
  • Re-publish the page.
  • On the external link, insert the URL.

Step by step guide for tracking External links as conversion

For making, it happens in a more precise way, there is a need to follow some basic steps in this respect. These are as follows:

  • Go to google tag manager
  • Click on create a new account
  • Copy the tag manager code in your website’s HTML header.
  • Return to Google tag manager dashboard.
  • Click “Triggers”
  • Add a new trigger name.
  • Setup custom event.
  • Save and click on tags.
  • Create new tag

How does External Conversion Trackingwork in Un-bounce

Whenever a visitor makes a visit on your un-bounce landing page, and at the same time pay a visit to conversion page, the script will track the conversion with the help of cookie and make a tracking request back to the un-bounce servers. After this step, the most visited pageselected, and count it as a conversion. However, if any conversion made by the same visitor in past then the script will count it as one.

However, one thing to make sure that the un-bounce page and the external linking page must not be on the same domain. If this ever happens then the site may not work completely. After setting a proper conversion, it is the time to determine whether the script is working properly or not. This might be observe by using Un-bounce External Conversion Assistant, a known google extension for this purpose.

This cannot configured as conversion goal in the un-bounce page editor. Most of the time a conversion is only recorded when a visitor performs an action. Another plus point is, it does not slow down the page.

Although its cookie expires after 72 hours, one thing for making a conversion count, the conversion must be triggered within 72 hours. Another point to take under consideration is that the conversion most probably based on the last click, means if multiple visitors click the conversion then only the last click will count. If a person is using the un-be observed for just one drive then it will work fine.


This article ended up to a conclusion that for making a website work properly and grow your business it is necessary to set up proper conversion goals and external conversion goals. This will help increase conversion moreover, decrease bouncerate. As well as external conversion, goals help to track conversion with thehelp of cookies and mostly lastly clicked conversion do counts.