The main way to advertise through Google, and also perhaps the most simple and widespread in the network is Google AdWords.

How does Google AdWords work?

Simple to say: the billions of users who daily type searches on google “activate” this feature every time the search engine recognizes keywords related to the good or service that you want to promote. Google then displays ads corresponding to the keywords at the top of the list of entries (resulting from the search for the ad).

What is the added value of Google AdWords?

The added value of Google AdWords is to connect the web user more quickly with the product/service provider. In other words, it is not necessary that Internet users know the name of the service or company to click on the site and learn more about them, but starting from the benefits brought by the product/service of interest to the user, the system refers directly to suppliers of that product/service. It is therefore not necessary to already know the name of the brand or company to type it on google.

OK, but is not that already happening for a Google search?

It is true that the principle is similar to that of any search on Google, however, the system is designed to “bypass” the ranking system of visualizations * on google, for which are displayed, in order, first the websites that year a greater weight in reference to the searched word/phrase. So the less popular company/brand passes into pole position and acquires the sought after visibility, even though until then little known to users and the web.

How do I set up and how much does Google AdWords cost?

You create a Google account by accessing Google AdWords, which is the main source of income for the Californian Company. Once in Google AdWords:

1) Type a content to be displayed: website link of your service product or your contacts.

2) Select the keywords for which the ad will be displayed.

3) Set a budget: payment is made only if the user who views the advertised item, actually clicks on that item and then accesses the advertised content. Setting a budget means setting a maximum click ceiling.

4) Monitor the results number of clicks.

5) Select the geographical area on which the announcement can be viewed. You can also exclude a list of users IP addresses that can access them.

Is Google AdWords convenient?

AdWords costs are variable and depend on: 1) competition on keywords, 2) CTR (click through rate), 3) quality and relevance of the ad. The calculation that must be made is on how much is spent to acquire a customer as having brought a potential customer on their site does not involve the purchase: it is only made to enter a customer potentially interested in our store. Now it’s up to us to convince him to buy. Google allows you to measure the “conversion to purchase” and know exactly how much it costs us the marketing on google. At this point, we can evaluate the convenience. The AdWords system is sophisticated and requires some experience as well as a constant effort not to throw away hundreds or thousands of euros a day!

Author Bio: Mitchel Austin— she has done her graduation from the University of America and now providing her efforts to Professional Video Animated Company that enhances the platform. She was born in the era of ’90s and the time when classic art turned into vintage.

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