Are you hiring a web designer for your business? If yes, then you must take some precautions to be able to reach out to the best. Here are a few questions you must ask before making a decision:

1. What strategies will you use to optimize my site for search engines and page speed?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not the same as it was a few years back. It has changed significantly. Presently, it is about creating the content for audience and projecting it in a user-friendly way. Many technical aspects need to be addressed to for SEO and page speed to make your business rank well. So make sure you know about the specific approach of the designer for page speed optimization and SEO.

2. Do you perform testing before launching a website? What tests do you do?

Testing is one of the most critical processes that need to be accomplished way before launching of your new website. It is absolutely essential for your site to render smoothly on different browsers and devices. This means your web designer must conduct cross-browser testing on the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Also make sure the designer follows a checklist of all internal quality assurance processes to confirm that all bases get covered prior to the launch.

3. Will you be able to handle hosting, security and maintenance?

Website designing is a vast project. It involves many hats and you must know if your potential web partner can handle these things. Hosting, security and maintenance are crucial factors in a website’s performance and success. So know about the type of hosting environment the agency plans to provide you with and the security hardening measures. Also know how CMS updates will be handled. Make sure you are also provided by other facilities such as backups, security, and maintenance for plugins and CMS to guarantee optimal continuous performance.

4. Can you work within my budget?

When designing a website, you have a budget to work on. You may not want to exceed it. A good website designer won’t mind letting you know about the budget for a specific project. Let him know how much you are comfortable investing in. He should let you know if it is possible to work within that. It is very important to know if your prospective web partner can work with the budget you have without affecting the quality of project.

5. What’s inclusive of the package you provide?

Many people complain of agencies cheating them in the name of packages. There are hidden charges which they come to know of only later. It is better to discuss about this way before you start off with the project. The agency or web designer should give you a clear break up of price required for your package. Ask if there are any additional costs that may appear later.

6. What else can you handle?

It is wise to choose a professional who can undertake marketing.  The services of marketing strategists, content writers, content strategists, photographers, and copywriters are critical for a successful website. So make sure that the individual or agency you contact has a team to handle these tasks.

7. Can you give some client references?

This is one of the most crucial of all queries you must put forward to the potential web designer. So make sure you speak to previous website clients to gain a better understanding of the expert. Know what was it like to work with them? Ask about how the final product turned out? You need to know a lot of other things such as the success of the project. Speaking directly with past clients of the designer will also help you gain a detailed idea on the quality of designer’s work and if he’s reliable enough to handle your project.