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Are you using Google Chrome web browser? Looking to try some new and exciting while surfing? Then, it is the time to know about Google Gravity. As we all know, Google is the most popular search engine in the world, used by millions of internet users across the world.

What is Google Gravity?

Google is serving with the motive of offer quality service to all users. They offer various incredible tools and functionalities to delight the internet community. Google Gravity is certainly one of them. Google gravity Java-Script-based search engine that was developed in 2009. By using this amazing tool, you can trick your friends and family members will all new Google search engine interface.

Google gravity tricks & tips can be tried via specialized URLs as the part of Google Chrome Experiments. All web pages tend to fall up and down, it also includes various interesting kinds of stuff that puzzle anyone.

Zero Gravity Google:

Zero Gravity Google flat fall is most popular and interesting trick of Google gravity. When we open this, all elements (Text & Images) fall down as there is no gravity. It looks much crazy, unique and interesting. Try this trick, Google Zero Gravity Flat Fall.

Google Space:

Google space is another popular trick in Google gravity experiment. It looks direct opposite to Zero Gravity Google, where content falls from the top to bottom. In this trick, all elements float in the air without any gravitational force. It exhibits exactly how elements in space act without gravitational force. Try Google Gravity Space.

Google Gravity Underwater:

Google Gravity underwater is most beautiful and astonishing trick ever launched in Google Chrome experiments. As the name suggests, this gravity trick features wonderful marine background.  Where several marine species float in the blue factor. This marine based experiment is most loved by children across the world. Try, Google Gravity Underwater.

Google Guitar:

If you love playing the guitar, now you can play your favourite music on the Google search engine homepage. Google Guitar allows you to play the guitar while surfing. You can able to play several tunes with ease. If you are a beginner, you can just learn here and start playing. Try Google Guitar Gravity.

Google Sphere:

If you want to enjoy whole new look to Google Search Engine result page, you can try Google Sphere Gravity. In this trick, all the elements (text & images) will circulate in sphere motion. You can use your mouse to control the circulation speed. With this gravity, it is hard to enjoy browsing as it rotates very fast to surf. Try Google Sphere Gravity.

Do a Barrel Roll:

Do a Barrel Roll is the simple and astonishing trick. You need to just type Do a Barrel Roll and hit enter. It rotates search engine elements (text & elements) once. You can try this trick in your normal Google search engine.

Google Tilt:

Google tilt is very similar to Do a barrel roll. Here, the search engine page is displayed in tilted manner. All you need is just type in Google search engine interface and press enter. Try, Google tilt Gravity.

Google Zerg Rush:

Zerg Rush is another interesting trick in Google gravity experiments. It shows a mirror image of the original Google Result page. To experiment this trick, you need to just type Zerg Rush and enjoy.

Google Gravity Mirror:

Google Gravity is most exciting one that displays a mirror image of search engine result page including text & images. With the mirror images, it is very difficult to read results. Try Google Gravity Mirror.

Google Pacman:

Pacman is the most popular game, which revolutionized the work during early 2000. If you really miss them and love to play this game again, try Google Pacman Gravity. Very similar to the original game, you need to act as Pacman. You need to eat the balls within lines and protect yourself from monsters.

Google Snake Game:

In your childhood, you have played snake game in your mobile and portable gadgets. Enjoy the same game now on your browser with Google Snake Game. Here, you need to control the snake to eat balloons without hitting the walls.

Google Terminal:

Google terminal is the most amazing trick in Google Gravity. It takes backs you to the pre-graphics mode of MS-DOS. Here, you can check your DOS coding techniques. Try, Google terminal now.

Chuck Norris Google Gravity:

Chuck Norris is not such interesting, but the results will delight you. Try this gravity on your Google search engine now.

Weenie Google:

Weenie Google is small and yet interesting trick in Google, where the content of the search engine very small. This trick is not part of Google Chrome Experiments. This incredible trip is quite simple to use. Try Weenie Google now.

Epic Goggle:

Epic Goggle trick is just opposite of Weenie Google. It converts the search engine page elements to big size. Try Epic Goggle trick here,

Search for Recursion in Google:

As we all know, Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Its database has answers to every question. But, you can confuse Google by searching RECURSION. Though you type correct spelling, Google gets confused with the spelling.

Google Rainbow:

If you want to convert your Google search engine page to colourful one, then it’s time to try Google Rainbow. Try this at

Google April Fool’s Jokes:

Every year, Google try to prank it user on April fool’s Day. You can find various pranks such as MentalPlex, Google’s Moon Base, Google Romance, Google Gulp, Google TiSP, Meow me and anti-gravity Google.

Here is the list of top Google Gravity trips and trick that truly astonish you. Viewers with a new set of tricks just notify me via content. Make us of these trips and tricks to enjoy great Google result page.

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