Animes bring with them some unique type of thrill found in no other kind of TV content. I feel like they kind of directly tickle the pleasure points in the brain or something. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but you get the point. Either way, y’all are here because you don’t wanna part with a few extra bucks to get a subscription-based plan or catch single episodes on TV along with ridiculously boring commercials. Anyways, why would you? When you can get all the good stuff for free!

For the majority, GoGoanime is the go-to plug for all free Japanese anime.

Here’s why.

Why would you prefer GoGoanime

  • It’s free, no credit card sign up, just click and play; well, after a few adverts, which are not annoying by any standard
  • It’s has a huge portfolio, whether you are a beginner or an anime lord who has already watched “everything”, the site’s got you covered. I mean, they do weekly updates. So, you can be sure of always getting your fix.
  • An active social platform where you can discharge your feelings or knowledge about new and current titles/episodes.
  • Most titles have been dubbed in English for the convenience of not having to tediously keep up with subtitles. It’s kind of punishing by the way. Like how do you read the translation, hear Japanese, which I bet one of you reading knows not a single word, and still get the storyline!
  • All the other add-ons like compatibility with any HTML 5 enabled browser, variety of streaming resolutions, etc.

Unfortunately, GoGoanime along with periodic video loading errors (resolvable by using a different server) it’s also blocked in some countries. That’s where the following 15 sites step in.

Top 13 GoGoanime Alternatives in 2019

1. AnimeUlitima

First off, you have an extensive library that’s kept updated weekly. On top of that, the content is well organized in terms of; upload date and popularity giving you a landing page curated just for you. The simplicity in navigating the website makes it a worthy substitute to GoGoanime I must say. Did I mention you get all these without signing in?

But you might wanna sign in to access additional features like:

  • Notification when a new episode is released
  • The comment section on each episode where you can get insights and recommendations on great titles to look out for


Coupling a beautiful user interface together with amazing content makes this site a top contender in being a GoGoanime alternative. All genres can be found: comedy, action, drama, romance, kids, space, shoujo, ecchi, adventure, meccha just to mention a few. The content is well organized to make it easy for you to land your desires. Each episode comes with a brief overview allowing to quickly scan through before you start. An episode-wise comment section is enabled so you can access all the gossip and politics about a title. However, an open interactive platform is not available. To counter this (not really directly) there’s an option to start watching random anime which might actually come handy when you don’t have anything in mind.

3. ChiaAnime

Can we start this on a bad note? Cool. The user interface is not all that modern. Similar to GoGoanime, it’s got one hell of a library. Probably the most comprehensive on this list. You can download the episodes in MP4 format to enjoy on most of your other devices. Social interaction is a stronghold here with an actually active Facebook page, nice huh! All global interactions, even from some weird dude chilling in the South Pole is possible, lol!

4. KissAnime

I think we might have found a match now. Kissanime is one of the most popular animes sites probably only second to GoGoanime. In fact, I’d highly recommend it. It features a modern intuitive interface with all your favorite titles easy to find with a simple search. An interactive social platform both global and per episode is enabled to allow you to share and catch up on all matters anime. A good chunk of the content has been dubbed in English making room for accommodation of a wider audience of varying understanding. If that’s not enough, all these are made available on mobile, via a bandwidth-economical smartphone app.

5. Animeland

For all of you guys who just want to skip the registration part and get to the main course, this is the site for you. They offer an extensive library of content sure to cover your preferences. It spots a well-curated homepage just like in GoGoanime featuring all the new titles with a search bar option to quickly pull out titles. Even more, the content is dubbed, how convenient! There is a chat widget to allow all the interactions you would like to participate in animes. They notify you when the latest episodes have been uploaded with a “new” tag so you never have to miss anything.

6. 9Anime

Don’t let the simple User interface fool you. The site features a wide collection including popular and less popular animes. The sheer magnitude of the listings makes the search bar a central feature to assist in navigating this GoGoanime proxy. What’s more, is that it’s all absolutely free. One thing though, 9anime consolidates content from unknown sources, so it’s of importance to take caution not to run into copyright issues. The site gets updated at least every week.

7. Crunchy roll

With over 25000 titles updated every hour, you have plenty to choose from, so you can grab your popcorn seat back and enjoy. The library is structured in alphabetical order so you can peruse through the content quickly. Most episodes have a brief description to let you overview before you start watching. Although the majority of the titles are in Japanese, subtitles and dubs got you covered for a near-ideal experience. On the downside, some of the content requires a paid subscription to access. The site also sells tickets to your favorite film events making it an all in one solution. GoGoanime will definitely need some catching up on this one.

8. Animefrenzy

The site itself is animated on top with a scrolling refresh of top movies and series. So just peeping on there can get you something to start with. The entire library is extensive and features almost if not all genres of anime you could possibly find in GoGoanime. With more than a thousand episodes uploaded every half-day, you can be sure to find all your latest one-piece drama, comedy piece drama, comedy, action, Senki zhou and many other genres. It also features probably one of the most active comment sections in its class. The entire user interface is simply beautiful. There are ads to some extent but nothing you can’t manage.

9. Kuroani

This easily makes it a worthy contender to GoGoanime. The user interface is all-inclusive with sorted listings and an easy to navigate content portfolio coupled with a search bar. The library is updated every day with multiple streaming/access servers to eliminate buffering or interrupted streaming. Most subtitles feature a brief description with a comprehensive overview of the content to make it easy for you to gauge if you want to partake.

10. Putlocker

Similar to GoGoanime, Putlocker is easily familiar to most people. They probably have decades of existence. This is their anime division and I must say it’s up to the task. The library contains thousands upon thousands of title updated every day. What’s more, is that it’s accessible from virtually any device for mobile to pc and TV. Due to this much detail, they happen to also lead the park in annoying pop-up ads which can really get to your neck. Accidental clicks might land you in legal trouble in the event your IP address is exposed along with other privacy concerns. Therefore, be sure to use a VPN to stay safe from tracking and to maintain your anonymity.

11. Anime Planet

So at this point, you might be tired of having to always worry about legal concerns on your online piracy and want to watch legal stuff. Anime planet is the answers for you. With over a decade of experience backed with more than 40,000 legal movies and series ranging from action, romance, comedy and many more, this is a no brainer GoGoanime stand-in. High definition content is available but without the option to download. The site goes a step further to recommend weekly animes, the manga of the week and new animes listed to ensure a constant supply of new content, Isn’t this cool though!

12. Nyaa Torrents

Would you like to try out something a little different from GoGoanime?  Nyaa is one of the best universal Japanese content torrent trappers. Besides games, music, and software, it a ton of anime movies and series. Although the majority of the content is in native Japanese language, there’s just as impressive a catalog for dubbed titles. Coupling this with qbtorrent will land you more than bearable download speeds and content quality.

13. Zona Wibu

The site is a worthy alternative to GoGoanime, especially for its diverse content library. The sorting formula is impressive. Content is categorized into genres, lists, timing; like top summer hits, Christmas favorites, etc.  Batch content access lets you allow the entirety of a title in a central place. In addition, they go ahead and list all ongoing series on the right along with top titles with English subtitles. They offer a dedicated donasi corner as well. The integrated blog is extensive, diverse and inclusive I must say. Besides being absolutely free, the content is high definition across the majority of titles with no destructive pop-up ads.


Image Source: Pixabay

The sites listed above work just fine but in the end, GoGoanime beats them all. Unfortunately, its access is restricted in some countries around the world due to online censorship. Fortunately, there happens to be a way around it, VPN!

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software that helps hide your identity online. The internet basically works in the following steps;

  • You enter a web address on your search bar e.g. (also called domain name, which is simply a reiteration of the sites IP address, a unique  string of numbers that differentiates the site on the internet
  • The query is sent to a server which uses the numbers to interpret the request and send back data(website) to your device via a unique IP address that equally identifies your device

On transit, your identity, location along with other sensitive data can be accessed by your ISP, government, etc. Geo-blocking uses your location data to cut you off from accessing sites like GoGoanime. VPN solves this by adding an intermediary server through which your request is tunneled before sending to the main server. The intermediary server does the following;

  • Disguise your requests as though they are coming from any location of your choice in the world, therefore, allowing you to access blocked sites
  • Hide your history online from any third party intruder


Due to additional routing of data, VPN might slow down your connection if you are riding on a distant virtual location.

Methods of installing VPN

1. As an independent software

This works by installing the VPN software/mobile app on your device>sign in>let it run on the background

2. As an extension

Go to your browser store (e.g. google chrome)> search for free VPN>install and allow it to run on the background.

Either of these ways will grant you access to GoGoanime.

The second method is more effective, especially on PC/Mac.