If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom and need some financial support from the state, then it is best to get them applying for the Freepost DWP budgeting loans. They are the economic support extended by the UK government to its citizens as a part of the social security so that significant financial hardship of the economically downtrodden can be eased. At times, all face some unexpected financial need that cannot be accommodated in the social grants that the state dispense.  Managing the ends become tough and one can apply for the universal credit budgeting loan.

The Working

The statutory authorities verify the economic need and look if the reason for seeking the loan is listed in the specified list. If it is contained in the specified index, the credit is granted within 15 days of the application else it is rejected stating a proper reason. One can appeal for the mandatory reconsideration and can ask for a review.

 The UK government have clubbed together six of the social benefits and have come up with a single package and providing universal credit budgeting loan. It has been done keeping in the mind the cumbersome process of the earlier methods had and to ease the application procedures. One can get credit as low as £ 100, but it should be repaid within 104 weeks after receiving the loan amount directly to the bank account. Like all other commercial loans, these loans are to be paid back with interest and one should take them only in case of emergency funding else the repayment may be another burden on the shoulder.

One can dial the number 0843 455 0031 to know the detailed formality of how to claim the loan and then apply for the same by filling up the form SF 500. In case, the request for Freepost DWP budgeting loans has been turned down one can call the number 0843 455 0035 and can ask for mandatory reconsideration. One can also apply with the reconsideration appeal to the concerned appellate authority by submitting the duly filled-in form no SSCS1 with evidence for the specified need. The local Job centre Plus or the Citizen’s Advice Service is also ready to help for putting the request for the loan or the starting the mandatory redressal of the applications.

With these kinds of loan extend through the social security programs of the government and the state being by the side of its citizens at the time of crisis, the unexpected economic burden is eased off to many extents. However, like all social security schemes, one has to fulfill the primary criteria like being a citizen of the UK and enrolled and getting the benefits for at least 26 weeks before the application of the loan. The maximum loan amount one can get is up to £1500.


Gone are the days when the sudden expected financial need is a worry and headache. These types of loans are making the life of the ordinary citizen easy and making them confident to meet the economic challenges.