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Like other countries, Indian government introduced unique identification number for all Indian citizens, including migrants named UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).  Know about E Aadhar Card Download, Apply Online, Update, Uses, Eligibility Criteria, Correction, Duplicate Copy, how to get Aadhar & other details.

Aadhar is a 12 digit unique identification number, provided to every Indian citizen and it remains valid for lifetime. Aadhar card serve as identity proof (address and resident) throughout India.

Who Can Apply?

Aadhar Card is available for every Indian citizen including infants, male and female, without any age or gender restriction. It is available for every Indian citizen at free cost.

Enrolling for Aadhar card is not necessary, however, it is mandatory document for verification and avail various services from Indian government.

Benefits of Aadhar Card:

  • Aadhar card can be used as verification proof document to avail various services like ration card, passport, mobile and broad band connection, banking, gas connection, etc.
  • Your details can be verified online in simple steps
  • Unique identification number with biometric and demographic information can eliminate duplicate and fake identities to large extent.
  • Aadhar card facilitates Indian residents to avail various services offered by the banks, government and private sectors.

How to Apply for Aadhar Card?

Aadhar card is available for all Indian citizens at free of cost. You can apply from any location and anywhere in India. You need to visit local information and service center to apply for Aadhar card.

Locate Aadhar Card Enrollment Center:

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Apply for Aadhar Card Online:

All Aadhar card centers do not have online registration policy. It is recommended to check whether the center near you has online facility. Click here

Once making online appointment for Aadhar card, you need to collect required document and visit the nearest center at assigned time and date.

Documents Required Applying for Aadhar Card:

UIDAI accepts all government documents such as “Proof of Address, “Proof of Birth” and “Proof of Identity” to apply for Aadhar Card. Your original documents are used for verification purpose and return back immediately with corresponding photocopy will be taken at centers. Here are some documents can be used

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Ration / PDS Photo Card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Photo Credit Card
  • Pensioner Photo Card
  • Freedom Fighter Photo Card
  • Kissan Photo Passbook
  • Government Photo ID Cards / service photo identity card issued by PSU
  • NREGS Job Card
  • Photo ID issued by Recognized Educational Institution
  • Arms License
  • Photo Bank ATM Card

If someone does not have valid documents, still he/she can enroll for Aadhar card by submitting family entitlement document. You can submit valid document of the head of family in required documents. You can check local Registrar office for more details.

Aadhar Card Application Form – How to get it?

  • You can get Aadhar card registration form at the center itself or you can download online
  • It is recommended to download online, take Xerox copies for your entire family member and go to Aadhar center with filed application.

Aadhar Card Enrollment Procedure:

  • At Aadhar card center, your photo, iris scan and finger prints will be taken during enrolment process.
  • It is recommended to verify the details and make corrections if required
  • Once enrolled, you can get an acknowledgement slip and temporary enrollment number
  • Please keep the acknowledgement slip and its mandatory to download duplicate Aadhar card online
  • Once your enrollment details verified, you will receive SMS and email notification within few days
  • Once receiving SMS confirmation, you can download e Aadhar card online anytime
  • Usually, Aadhar card processing takes 60 to 90 days. Time duration tend to vary based on your location and backlog
  • In case of any issues, you will receive rejection letter through mail. You need to re enroll for Aadhar card again.
  • Indian post is responsible to deliver Aadhar card to your address. It might take 3 to 5 weeks to receive hard copy via postal address.

Aadhar Card for Kids & Children:

Children above 1 year of age can apply for Aadhar card. Bio-metrics data will be collected only after 5 years. For children below 5 years, Aadhar card will be liked with parents /guardian.

Aadhar Card for Foreigners and NRI:

Aadhar card is available for all local citizens, NRI and resident foreign nationals at free of cost. NRI and foreigners need to visit local Aadhar card center to get their own copy.

E Aadhar Card Download  Online:

With new portal in place, e Aadhar card download online is just few clicks away. You can download from anywhere and anytime, all you need is a computer and internet connection. Here are some tips to download e Aadhar card online.

  • Visit UIDAI (e-Aadhar) website
  • Choose Aadhar Number and Enrollment ID
  • Enter your Aadhar number and enrollment ID
  • Fill required details such as PIN code, mobile number, etc.
  • Get OTP to your number
  • Type OTP and click Download

E Aadhar card is passport protected; you need to enter your PIN code to open the document.

Download Aadhar Card by Aadhar Number:

E Aadhar card can be easily accessed, downloaded and printed via UIDAI. You can use your Aadhar number to download your Aadhar card in simple steps. Learn how to download Aadhar card by Aadhar number.

  • Visit UIDAI (e-Aadhar) website
  • Under Aadhar Online Services > click Aadhar Enrollment
  • Hit “Download Aadhar” button
  • Enter your Aadhar Number
  • Then, enter your details such as Full Name, Mobile Number, Pin Code, Image Captcha
  • Click get “OTP Password”
  • Within few minutes you receive OTP code
  • Enter the OTP code and click download
  • Download the e Aadhar card in PDF format

Download Aadhar Card with Enrollment Number (EID):

Acknowledgment slip given during the enrollment process contains important details such as Enrollment ID, time stamp, etc. You can enrollment ID to download your duplicate e Aadhar copy. Here are the steps

  • Visit UIDAI (e-Aadhar) website
  • Under Aadhar Online Services > click Aadhar Enrollment
  • Hit “Enrollment ID ” button
  • Enter your 14 digit Enrollment ID (from acknowledgement slip)
  • Then, enter your details such as Full Name, Mobile Number, Pin Code, Image Captcha
  • Click get “OTP Password”
  • Within few minutes you receive OTP code
  • Enter the OTP code and click download
  • Download the e Aadhar card in PDF format

How to Print Aadhar Card?

  • Once you download Aadhar card in PDF format, use your area postal code to open the document.
  • Once the file opened, you can print by clicking “Print” or CTRL+P
  • Get your e Aadhar card copy

Aadhar Card Status Check Online

UIDAI Aadhar card portal facilities Indian citizens to check Aadhar card status online. You can check it from anywhere and anytime. However, you need to wait at least 3 months from the date of Aadhar enrollment.

Once the Aadhar card was processed, applicants will be notified through SMS or email. To make Aadhar card enquiry, you need to have necessary details like enrollment number. Using the enrollment date and 14-digit enrollment id, you can check Aadhar status online.

  • Visit UIDAI website
  • Browse and Click “Check Aadhar Status”
  • Enter the 14 digit enrollment id and date
  • Complete security captcha
  • Then, hit “Check Status”

You can also make Aadhar card status enquiry by sending SMS. Send an SMS “UID STATUS 1234/12345/12345. * replace the number with your 14 digit enrollment id.

Lost Aadhar Card? Apply for Duplicate Aadhar Card Online:

If you lost your Aadhar card, please don’t be panic. You can get a duplicate copy by using your Aadhar number or Aadhar acknowledgement slip. To download duplicate copy, check How to Download E Aadhar Card Online.

Aadhar Card Not Received? Check Why

Have you applied for Aadhar card and not yet received. Now, it is time to reapply for the card immediately. Applicants need to re-enroll for Aadhar card for following three reasons

If UIADI website shows your enrollment ID

  • Rejected
  • Not Found
  • Unable to Process due to technical reasons

Aadhar Card Corrections Online:

Change Aadhar Card Address, Name, Age, Gender, Online:

If you have moved to new address, you can apply for Aadhar card change of address/correction online. Please note: Mobile number used at the time of registration is mandatory to make changes in Aadhar card information online.

Steps to Change Aadhar Card Address Online:

  • Login to UIDAU self-service update portal
  • Make Aadhar card address change/correction online
  • Upload supporting documents with new address

Note: Same procedure to be followed for changing Aadhar card name, address, gender & Date of Birth

Once done, you will be provided with Update Request Number. You can use this unique number to track Aadhar card change status. Your requested will be verified by UIDAI employee and the changes will be updated on your Aadhar card. Know about, E Aadhar Card Download online.

Change Aadhar Details by Post:

You can also make changes/correction to your Aadhar card via post. You can make change request to your nearest Aadhar center to make changes.

Aadhar Card Seeding:

Aadhar card seeding is important to avail various government schemes like LPG cylinder, Farmer benefits, banking, etc.

Aadhar Card Seeding with Bank:

You link your Aadhar card to bank account online via Bank’s online portal, ATM center, Sending SMS in described format or visiting your branch office. Once linked, you can get various government benefits will be deposited to your bank account.

Aadhar Card Seeding for LPF Subsidy:

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas initially launched PAHAL DBTL Scheme. To enroll in this scheme, you need to have Aadhar card. By enrolling for this, you can get LPG subsidy direct your bank account.

Make sure

  • LPG connection is in your name
  • You have own Aadhar card
  • Bank savings account in your name


Hope, my post on e aadhar card download online will be useful for all indian citizen looking to how to do e aadhar card download via online and post

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