Popularity for vaping or e-liquid is growing every day. There’re lots of factors behind this impressive development. Most importantly, vaping is safer for your health compared to the conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Considering the rapidly growing prospect of e-liquids, a number of online retail outlets have come up to cater to your needs. The majority of e-liquid users rely on those e-retailers to purchase their desired products. But if you want, it is easily possible to create your own e-liquid juice at home. The procedure is hardly more complicated as compared to ordering your chosen variety online.

Creating your own e-liquid is not rocket science

There’re specific recipes that you just need to follow through to create e-liquids at home. You can also experiment with various combinations of ingredients to bring about a difference in taste in vaping.

DIY e-liquid ingredients

Keeping in sync with the ongoing DIY trend, more and more people are trying out their hands in making DIY e-liquid juice. To put it in simple words, DIY e-juice is the same that you purchase from vendors – either online or offline. However, the home-made stuff costs you peanuts as compared to its commercially manufactured counterpart. When you prepare your e-juice at home, the four basic ingredients that you can’t do without are the following:

  • Nicotine
  • Vegetable glycerin or VG
  • Flavoring and
  • Propylene glycol or PG

How to DIY e-juice

These days, something that you don’t get on Google just doesn’t exist. There’re many simple and easy to follow guidelines to create e-juice at home. In order to understand and follow an e-liquid recipe, you should first follow the standard abbreviations that are used.

Common abbreviations used in e-juice recipe

  • PG: We’ve already had our introduction with this jargon above. It means propylene glycerol and is the most popular e-liquid base all over the world. It gives you the flavour and hit that you otherwise get from conventional cigarettes rolled out from tobacco. 
  • VG: We’ve also come across this jargon above and it stands for vegetable glycerin. This constituent is responsible for bringing larger vapor density in your e-juice.
  • TPA: This is the shortened form of “The Perfumer’s Apprentice” and ensures your chosen flavor is there in the DIY e-juice. While purchasing TPA flavors time just make sure the product is listed under “DIY Endeavours”.

If you want to avoid throat hit, use Zero-nicotine e juices. The ratio of mixing VG and PG in your hand-made e-juice for sub-ohm vaping is 70:30 respectively.


By now you must have a clear idea about the ingredients and the flavours. But how much of the ingredients you should be using? This is a very important aspect in DIY e-juice. Your e-liquid recipe will have a percentage right next to every ingredient. You’ve to add ingredients in that measurement. Else, you can use the e-juice calculator here http://ejuice.breaktru.com/.

Preparing your own e-liquid

While preparing your own e-juice make sure the environment is clean and hygienic. You should also wear the standard safety equipment too during the entire preparation phase.

You can mix the ingredients in any of the two ways:

  • By volume: This way you need plenty of syringes. Use a separate syringe for each flavour and use mL as your measurement unit.
  • By weight: Use the e-juice calculator to place the bottles on different scales. The measuring unit is grams. Drip your flavors carefully into the bottle until you reach the desired percentage.

e-Liquid recipes exist in a wide variety, ranging from candy to tobacco. As such, there’s nothing called the best e-liquid recipe. According to the UK-based electronic retailer Simply Eliquid, it all depends on your personal choice and preference. This online retailer exclusively deals in electronic cigarettes, e-cig kits, and e-liquid products at competitive prices. In addition to that, it also deals in a wide range of vaping accessories. In short, the eCommerce storefront leaves nothing unattended to keep you away from the more harmful tobacco cigarettes while at the same time satisfying your urge for nicotine intake.