As the name of the topic, a question that continues is why do you need a logo design in the first place and what role does it play in elevating your business?

Well, the answer, to be precise is that a logo can make or break your business brand identity. Have you ever noticed that the most iconic brands and companies have logos that are recognized by people in the least of a second? We as humans have psychology to be attracted to a product that has a name and is valued by others for its services.

Think about it, when you here a name of a company, you instantly remember their services and products and that is the identity that you need to elevate your business. When brand identity is mentioned,people think it to be something related to a product that a company sells or has. However, that’s not the case. A brand identity, unlike the brands, is what the customers think of your company as a whole. It is not necessarily how you wanted your company to be seen, but what the customer defines when they see or hear your name.

Let us come to the very first part of the question. How does the logo help in making your business a brand identity? It is simple, as mentioned above, your brand identity is something the customer visualize about your company or the impression that you have made on the customers. A logo does half of the work to make that visual identity or impact upon your customers. It is the first thing they’ll learn about you. Whether they got to you on the web or seen it on a billboard, your logo tells your customers what to expect from your company. It is a combination of symbols language and colors that make the customers trust your company and sets you apart from your competitors. Therefore, a logo has to be compelling and captivating keeping it simple yet creative and on the competitive edge.

Getting started

As mentioned above, your logo has the potential to convey your message to the customers. So before you move on with the sketching and designing part, you need to learn the basics.

Start by getting inspired

An inspiration can give you that jump start to design your own logo. The apparent sources to get inspired can be the online logo makers that can give you the idea for your logo. Search for different websites for creative ideas that you can use to make a perfect design. Other than that, look around you. See what types of logos your competitors have used and take an idea from their designs.

Know what you must about the different logo designs

It is important for a designer to what kind of design best suits the company. There are many designs that one can choose from. You can unleash your creativity by mixing and matching the different types to logos to make a new log for your company.


It is essential that you know what your brand identity is among your customers along with the customer’s expectation from your company. Before moving on with your creative process make sure that you or your designer should know why you’re making this logo. Ask yourself some basic questions like,

What is it that you want from your customers?
What is it that my company logo stands for?
Will my logo be able to describe my company’s history?
Will my logo be able to convey my message to the audience?
Is it unique?

Research your audience to know what they need and make a logo according to their expectations.

Learn from others

Learning about how the others made it to the top will give you an insight of designing a perfect logo. Along with that, you’ll get better at what you do.  It is vital for a business person to be at the top of the game and learn from the mistakes made in the past.

Tips and tricks of making a creative logo

Make your logo a unique logo

This is the trickiest part of the process. Not every idea is a unique idea. So make sure that your company logo does not reflect or accidentally infringe on other trademarks already out there. This might get you into massive troubles of copyright issues, and you’ll most likely end up fighting a lawsuit.

Think outside the box! Make your logo design as the one your customer would like and possibly be attracted to. Consider it like this; you want your logo to set the trend among the designers.  You own a business! Design a logo that has the worth of describing your company’s uniqueness.

Mind mapping the words that best describe your company

Take a paper and a pencil and write down all the words that best describes your company. No matter the part of speech they belong to, just scribble them down to make a list of different words.

Once you have the list, it’ll be easy for you to understand the concept of your company. Make a rough sketch of logo design that can be described by similar words and phrases. Don’t worry; it is not obligatory to get it right in the first attempt. You are a creative person so believe in your creativity and design for your customers!

Develop your logos on a free designing platform

Once you’ve created a rough sketch, create your own logo online free of cost on a free designing platform. Thiswill help you in planning out the best of your ideas for free. This can help you in bringing your ideas to life and design a perfect logo for your company.

Make sure that your logo sits perfectly in the horizontal and vertical borders. In order to be perfect, it has does not necessarily have to be symmetrical, butt should be able to be tweaked to fit on different platforms. What it means it should be able to appear clearly on a mobile screen and it should not appear pixilated when stretched to fit on a billboard.

Understand the color psychology

An effective logo works best in black and white and being colorful. Every color has its own psychological impact on the human mind. For instance, red is associated with anger, danger,and boldness where green represents, growth, harmony,and freshness.

Choose the colors wisely for your logo. If your company is associated with producing bubbly water, for instance, a logo with blue or green color might go best with it as blue is what represents water and green are used for freshness. It can do both, give the message of freshness and attract the masses to it.

Simplicity makes a logo recognizable

What comes in your mind when you see the four rigs or the check sign? Do you take them just as a symbol or you easily recognize what brand it represents? Though simple signs but they canserve the brand without using language.

Simple logos are easy to remember and have a unique edge to it. Not just that, it makes it difficult to be copied and replaced. Like the Mercedes logo and Apple’s logo, it is versatile and needs less tweaking to enhance it.

Choose the right font

Like the colors, fonts can also have an impact on the people. Your logo can be a combination of symbols and texts like the symbol of Starbucksorbe it just an attractive font style like the Coca-Cola logo.

When designing a logo, you must make sure that your text isn’t too harsh or isn’t too messy for the people to understand. As mentioned above, try to make it as simple as possible. Consider it like this; there is no logo like coca cola or Adidas, both are simple yet unique.

Get the feedback

It is essential to know what people think about your logo design. When you’re finished designing a logo, you need to approach a test group to understand the response of the people. Get their feedback for a better outcome of designs for your logo.

Creating a logo sounds easy, doesn’t it?To be true, it is not as easy as it seems. Rather than trying tomake your brand identity on your own, hire a professional would be a more appropriate idea. It is not that you can’t be creative, it’s just that everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses and the strength of designers is his or her creativity.

Nonetheless, the aforementioned tips and tricks can help you in creating the best logo designs you need to make a perfect logo for your business. Besides that, it is always fun to keep a look out at the different trends of designs and strategies that can represent your business in a single image. Considering the importance of logo designs can help you get started with making a perfect logo for your company. Get your business logo, and build a brand identity that is worth your business.