Nowadays, we love to watch movies by online streaming rather than download it from torrent or any other source. And if it is going to be free of cost, then why we would not choose them?

We hesitate to spend money on entertainment purposes like watch movies if there is a free option with us. And why we would not be?

Cotomovies‘ is one of the best popular free movie streaming apps, which has grabbed massive attention from its users in a short period of time.

But unfortunately, this app has been “shut down” permanently for violating the copyrighting issue raised by the legal authority of Hellboy, and Angel has fallen.

You may be disappointed with this decision, but fortunately, here we have collected some popular free movie streaming apps that can fulfill your requirement as Cotomovies does.

Top 7 free movie streaming Apps like Cotomovies for Android, IOS and your PC

1. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is a fantastic streaming App that you may like most. There are a vast number of movies & TV shows in their Database. It’s completely safe because it does not allow streaming for illegally download movies and TV shows — this app, streaming indie movies for using Community commons.

As it deals with indie movies only, it is out of copyright Law. The licensing cost for indie films is much less, which helps to pay the authority of the app.

You have to agree to watch ads when you sign up for a Popcornflix account. From these ads, they pay the licensing cost of the movies and TV shows.

This application is compatible with the operating system like android, IOS like Cotomovies was.

2.Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

If you want a Compatible streaming app with various devices like PC, Tablet, iPhone, then Sony Crackle would be the best option instead of Cotomovies. You may not hear about this streaming app before because it has come with a different name for several times, at first it was Grouper, then Crackle, and now Sony Crackle.

In the US and Australia, this ad-supported streaming app is entirely free. And if you belong from Latin American countries, then you will have a subscription-based plan. This subscription-based plan will help you to get rid of annoying ads popup.

This streaming app is minimalist and very easy to use. You may find the featured movies and Tv shows on the front page of the app on your mobile or website for PC. Even you can sort out them alphabetically, Recently added, Genre, etc.

This streaming app rotates the contents within a specific time of period. Some old movies and TV shows are removed while the new ones are uploaded. However, You can watch a well-known film at any time.

3. Viewster


Viewster is a popular streaming app like Cotomovies. You can enjoy streaming like movies, TV shows, and Anime Shows without having an account. On the home page of the app or website, movies and tv shows are organized on a horizontal level that is very easy to find more related movies or shows.

It does not have a significant collection of the media library. However, if you are an anime show lover, then you can find out a vast collection. The resolution of most of the videos is very decent quality, say 360p, 240p still, there has an option for changing (If supported) the resolution from 360p to 720p.

You can see the subtitle while streaming videos, just like the Cotomovies app. Sometimes hardcoded subtitles are there in several videos, they can’t be shut off, so it may be a drawback of this streaming App.

Like youtube, you can leave comments and add a reaction to each video on this streaming App.

4. Snagfilms


If you love to watch Indie films, African movies, documentary videos, comedy TV shows, then Snagfilms streaming app would be the best option for you, replace Cotomovies. Snagfilms is now the largest platform to watch free movies. This app streams like an average 5million videos per month.,and add new movies regularly so that you can stay up to date with the latest movies.

Like a few other free streaming apps, Snagfilms provides you high-quality movies. Except for some videos, most of the movies have a good resolution quality.

When you open this streaming app, you can see there is a recommended section. The videos or movies in this section will always be those only that are related to your search interest.

You can sign up here by Gmail, Facebook, or any email ID; if you don’t want to sign up here, then you will have an option to skip. And without having an account, you can stream movies through this app.  

5. Vudu


Vudu Movies is one of the most popular streaming apps in the US. There are thousands of movies or TV titles that you can watch free with limited ads on demand. If you are a Hollywood movie lover, then you can click the “Movies on US” option. And you will get a massive collection of Hollywood movies with excellent streaming quality to say 1080p.

This streaming app on US titles includes documentaries, thrillers, action, horror, family-friendly features, and so on. This app is also compatible with 4K Ultra High Definition, Dolby Vision HDR, and Dolby Atmos Cinema Sound and can be watched videos with TV-connected devices like Roku.  So, if you are looking for a streaming app like Cotomovies that has a vast collection of popular Hollywood movies, then Vudu movie would be the best.

6. Shobox


Shobox is the most popular online free android streaming app. It works similarly to the Cotomovies streaming app. And thanks to its’ app developers team for providing a user-friendly interface with smart UI and navigation systems. It is a subscription-free based online streaming app. Here you can enjoy the latest TV shows and movies without any subscription plan. Showbox is also applicable for downloading the videos. There is an option through which you can watch videos later without any internet connection by downloading them.

Is shobox safe? It really depends on which source you are choosing for downloading the app. Although you can’t download the app from google play store. As it is designed in such a way so that anyone can easily access pirated content. So you can only download this app via third party sites.

7. CatMouse


Still now what list we have given except them CatMouse is a new streaming app. It has come with a great interface along with a massive library with the latest movies and TV shows. So if you are looking for a streaming app in place of Cotomovies then CatMouse would be the best one. Every day you will get updates on the latest movies and TV shows. The developer of this streaming app is really doing well with it’s a userfriendly and remote-friendly interface.  This app is very easy to use and navigate different menus.

So if you are looking for an alternative of Cotomovies then go for it.

End Words

We have listed the top seven alternatives streaming apps like Cotomovies. We have already checked them on all devices like smartphones, PC, Tablets and operating systems like android, windows, and IOS. And those are compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems. Please go through the links and download the app and install it. If you have to face trouble then please comment below. We will try to solve the issue.