How To Check SBI CIF Number

Are you looking for CIF Number for SBI bank account? Follow these simple steps to know your What is your CIF Number of SBI Bank account.

About State Bank of India:

State bank of India is one of the popular and largest public sector banks in India. Now, State bank of India enter to the list of 50 global banks with balance sheet of ₹33 trillion, 420 million customers, 278,000 employees, more than 24,000 branches and 59,000 ATMs.

While banking, we heard about CIF code or CIF number. Exactly, what is CIF number? In this State Bank of India guide, we are going to explore about CIF number and how to find it both online and offline.

What is CIF Number?

CIF number is user for banking purpose. It stands for Customer Information File. CIF is a unique number assigned for every customer.

  • CIF is a digital or virtual file that holds important banking details of bank account holder.
  • It is an 11 digit unique number representing a file.
  • All the customer’s bank accounts are linked with one unique Customer Information File. If you have multiple bank accounts, you have only one unique Customer Information File Number.
  • CIF is decoded by banks to know entire personal and financial information of a customer.
  • CIF include key information like loans, demat and KYC information like personal details, address, contact details and photo ID.

How to Find CIF Number – 4 Steps:

It is recommended to enable SBI internet banking to make your banking process lot easier on your personal computers and smartphone. Check, How to Register Online For SBI Internet Banking.

CIF Number via Internet Banking:

If you have SBI online banking facility, then you can get your Customer Information File Number SBI online.

cif number

  • Login to your SBI Internet Banking
  • Click My Accounts at top menu bar
  • Click View Nomination & PAN details
  • In next screen, you can find Customer Information File Number.

Check via SBI E Statement:

With SBI internet banking, you can check your Customer information file number via SBI e-statement.

CIF via SBI E Statement:

  • Login to SBI Online Banking
  • Check Accounts and Go to Account Statement
  • Generate e-statement by selecting your SBI account number, date
  • Click Ok
  • In next screen, you can find detailed e-statement  with SBI CIF Number.

CIF Number via State Bank Anywhere Mobile App:

State Bank Anywhere mobile app allows its account holder to handle banking on the go. With this application, you can do your banking 24×7. SBI Anywhere also allows you to check Customer Information File with ease.

  • Install SBI Anywhere & login to your Account
  • Open Services
  • Then click Nomination in services
  • In nest screen, you can able to view unique customer information file number

Check Your Passbook:

Customer Information File number is printed on your bank passbook. You can check the first page of your passbook.

cif number passbook

You can also know your CIF number by contacting SBI customer care tool-free number 1800 425 3800. Customer care executive will assist you to know your Customer Information File number after few identity verification over the phone.

Hope my article on what is Customer Information File Number? and how to find SBI bank CIF number will useful. Do share your ideas.

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