Choosing Domain Name

Domain Name is important part of your website. It the address of your website and it’s how visitors will remember your business. Choosing a domain name plays significant role, you need to choose domain name based on your business needs, business location, business types, etc.

Domain name plays important role in terms of click through rate, social media signals, etc… Here are some important tips in choosing domain name.


You need to choose brand name that are Brandable. You need to choose domain name that are unique, memorable, stands out.

  • Create new words
  • Use existing popular words
  • Make use domain name generators

Easy to Pronounce:

Domain name with complicated words are hard to remember. You need to choose domain name that easy to pronounce and remembered.

Keep It Precise:

In general, domain name which are shorter is always easy to remember. It is advised to keep domain name relevant your business and keep within 6 to 14 characters.

Easy to type:

Check some of the popular website in the world. We usually remember Google, Yahoo, Facebook, CN, Twitter, etc. These domain name looks unique, Brandable and easy to type. You need to choose main name based on these factors.

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens:

Make sure your domain name should be easy to remembered and pronounce. Using number and hyphens will make the things more complicated. It is advised to stick with letters than using special characters.

Use Keyword as Domain:

Using keywords as domain name will add more SEO value. However, you need to be very careful as well. Using keywords will make your domain name looks so generic. Check Partial Matching Domain vs. Exact Matching Domain.

Think Long Term:

You need to choose domain name considering your business and it need to work for long time. Plus, changing a domain name is all about starting again, it cost your brand, money and SEO rankings.

Avoid Trademarks:

Before deciding on a domain name, you need to make sure that the domain name is not registered or trademarked. You can check in social media networks to avoid such issues.

Choose Right Domain Extension:

Domain extension plays a significant role in choosing a domain name. You need to choose the domain extension based on your business type, location, etc.

Based on survey, 75% of domain has .com extension, followed by .net and .org respectively.

Domain consists of two parts TLD (Top Level Domain) and SLD (Second Level Domain). In, .com is TLD whereas kovalanj is SLD.

My Advice: Go with .com domain, if not available you can choose .net and .org. If your business is based on a location, you can go for country specific domain name such as .in for India, .dk for Denmark, .au for Australia, etc.

Buy Expired Domains: You can also consider buying expired domain name through auction or website. You need to check the domain history and for possible attack or penalty before choosing one.

Final Verdict:

Your domain plays an important role in success of your website and business. So, you need to be very careful when choosing the domain name. Hope, my article choosing domain name will help you to choose best domain name.