What do you understand by the Firewall?

In the world of the computer, science firewall can be described as the technological system that helps in the prevention of access to your computer from an unauthorized privately owned network. If you want to implement the firewall security for your system both software and hardware forms are available for you. Firewall is mainly associated with the prevention of unauthorized accessing by the privately own network present in intranet or similar that connect through the internet.

If you are sending mails and messages via intranet then their passage happens through the system of the firewall. As the messages pass, the firewall does its work by scanning all blocks and messages and checking if all the data match the criterion for security purpose.

What do you understand by Firewall auditing?

Having a firewall audit has become a necessity in the modern world to maintain the firewall security measures and the standards set in the office networks. Considering the huge amount of security measures taken, it can be quite difficult to process a proper audit on the firewall manually. Thanks to the modern firewall standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS and SOX, the coverage of firewall has expanded to a considerable extent in today’s world. For any business to work properly it is very important now days to display their system as a secured one. Hence, they need to follow these standards to comply with the audit.

The Firewall auditing process:

The firewall auditing process involves two important aspects-

Reviewing the change in auditing process:

The technical step that is taken up first during a firewall audit is usually to examine the change in process of the firewall. This step aims at ensuring the fact that the changes that were requested are approved in a proper way with documentation and implementation. This action can be performed in various ways but the same is dependent on how you do it – manual or with help of tools. To audit, the process change one needs to pull data of a minimum of 10 process changes that took place in the previous audit. Of course, there are some questions that assist in preparing your audit data. Check if the documented requester was authorized to place the request for firewall changes. Check for the date of expiry applicable for the change. Ensure a risk analysis is done before the audit change is processed. In case this is performed manually then it is very important to match the policy and each of the firewall changes.

Audit on the Rule base of Firewall:

Rule base of the firewall is a technical term used for the policy of firewall. Audit of the policies is the second phase. This audit is highly dependent on technology and hence the process of audit varies to a great extent among different auditors. Doing it manually is traditionally an impossible matter. To do an audit one should have clarity on the infrastructure of placement and the firewall type used in the system. The audit occurs on the maintenance policy of the firewall and the brilliant t design that ensure access at its minimal form in each of the drives.

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