When you invest a lot of time and money into the app development company, you must be hoping that you will have a lot of app store visitors people downloading it and you would love to sustain interest in your app after the download. Sadly though for several businesses, this is not the outcome they achieve.

The app market today is full of many industry players and it has become a lot harder to make a mark. The best app development in Dubai is just the start, there is a lot more to do. A well thought out strategy is a necessity in this industry. Below you will find a step by step guide to successfully launch a mobile app.

Understand the Market

The success of your mobile app depends on its ability to satisfy the needs of the market. This makes it important that you understand the market’s needs, problems, and who they are in general. Doing this will help in coming up with a product that meets their needs. Researching the market can also make it easier when creating advertisements since you would know what kind of message would appeal to the audience.

Being able to find answers to some of these questions below will boost the launch of your app:

– Who would find this app useful?

– What solution is this app provide?

– What value is it adding to the intended target?

– Which similar apps already exist and how does the target engage with it?

– What kind of communication does the target respond to best?

– Which platforms play an influential role in the lives of the audience?

Market research will help you get a clear and realistic picture of who you want to sell to and what your chances of success are when you launch the app.

Define Your Edge

When you present the new app to the audience, it has to be able to stand out from the rest. If you already have competitors making a similar app, you need to be able to show how your app is unique and gives a reason for the target to choose you over the others. Using the market research you carried out, you should be able to identify that X factor about your app.

This uniqueness should be communicated to everyone on your team so that they understand it and work towards achieving it. Getting the point across internally is the first test of your ability to sell the app to the rest of the world. If you can convince your team, then there is a chance you will be able to communicate just as well to the outside world.

Set Benchmarks for Success

As you prepare for the launch, you should have expectations and goals that you would want to meet. These should be measurable so that you can determine how your app has performed. If you have stakeholders, you would need to be able to present to them expected levels of success and in the end, you need to be in a position to show if you hit those targets. The definition of success may vary but you can still look at the performance of other apps to establish what success would be in your case.

Create Launch Strategies

You now have enough information to set the launch in motion, it is time to bring all that together and come up with a plan to effectively launch the product. You will need to have a timely marketing plan that should be executed smoothly.

You will need a set of activities in the run-up to the launch that will promote the product. This could be a series of blog posts, social media, video clips or even new app design.

Identify the best influencers who you can get to create a buzz about the app. Talk about it within your circles and let the word spread.

Make the right amount of information available to influencers and bloggers. A press kit with a description of the app, contact details as well as video clips should be easily accessed.

You will need a list of everything you will need to make this possible and then begin sourcing all those items.


When the launch date arrives, it is “all systems go!”. Inform everyone about the launch, make sure the app meets all the criteria to be submitted to the app stores. Get out there and sound the horn, let everyone know that there is a new app in the store. If you received communication from people who could not wait to receive the app, now is the time to let them know it is available.

Keep the Fire Burning

After the launch, do not sit back and hope for success, you need to keep the fire burning. Engage with users and ensure they are happy with the app. Find out what their real experience is and make suggested changes if possible. Measure performance and continue to promote the app.

Although many may think of the app launch as an event, it is actually a continuous process so keep that ball rolling.