Since the internet comes preloaded with distractive stuff, website filtering can be supportive to enhance productivity and minimize exposure to objectionable content prevailing on the web. While the parents can protect their teenagers and underage children from exposing to pornography and adult content, the employers can prevent employees from killing their working hours watching YouTube videos and updating their personal profiles on online social networking platforms. Read on to know how to block and unblock websites on a MAC using the default Parental Control options and alternative methods.

Set-Up Parental Controls on MAC

You can restrict access to certain websites with the built-in parental controls on MAC. Follow the given process to enable parental controls.

  • Click on the Apple icon in the extreme left corner of the MAC screen, and select System Preferences.
  • Find and select the Parental Control icon in the newly opened window.
  • Drag the cursor to the left side panel and tap on the user account for whom you want to block or unblock the websites. This can be any user account other than the administrator account. If your kiddo does not own a separate user account, create a new account with parental control following the on-screen instructions.
  • Tap on the user account and click on Enable Parental Controls.
  • Open the Web tab. If you are using an older version of MAC OS X, you may have a Content tab instead of the Web tab. Both tabs take you to the same window.
  • You will have three options to select from under the heading of Website Restrictions. The first one is “Allow unrestricted access to websites”, the second one is “Limit access to adult websites automatically”, and the third one is “Allow access to only these websites”.
  • Choose the second option to automatically block the adult websites on Apple’s default list. You can add or remove websites to this default list with the Customize button.
  • The third option blocks all websites except those you choose to remain unblocked. Tap on + and – buttons to add required and remove unrequired sites.
  • To unblock all the websites, click on “Allow unrestricted access to websites”.

Install Browser Extension

Another way to block or unblock websites is to add extensions to the internet browser. Search for browser extensions to block websites; install any of them and restart the browser. Do not choose a low-rated extension as it may install malware on your MAC computer. You can choose from Block Site by Wipes or StayFocused by Transfusion Media or any other reliable extension. This will block websites only on a particular browser. 

Using Third-Party Parental Control App

You can take the support of a reliable third-party MAC Monitoring Software to block access to unrequired and objectionable websites. Download and install the software on the MAC computer to block distracting websites and apps on all the internet browsers including Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and more. Once you install the software on the MAC device of your target, you can monitor the internet use and block websites without accessing that device. You will be provided an online account from where you can block and unblock websites.

In addition to website filtering, this parental control software enables you to monitor and control the use of the internet in many other ways. The employers can detect whether the employees are utilizing the internet facility for the business objectives or personal purposes. The internet browsing history of MAC computers can be tracked to get the detail of each website visited on any of the internet browsers. It helps businesses to identify how the workers are surfing on the internet; whether they are giving more time to video streaming sites or work-related websites. The time, date, and frequency of visiting each website and app on Chrome, Firefox and Safari can be tracked. The unnecessary websites can be blocked to avert distractions and uplift employee productivity.

Meanwhile, the parents can use the software to keep a check on the internet activities of the children and teenagers. The internet browsing history can show them what their kids are searching for on the internet and which are the websites they are spending most of their time on. They can restrict website access according to the user-friendly internet use statistics they obtain through the Mac monitoring software. Given is the process to block websites using TheOneSpy Parental Control Software.

  • Download and install the software on the MAC computer.
  • Log into the TOS dashboard providing the confidential username and password.
  • Scroll through the main menu on the left-hand panel and find the Website Blocking feature.
  • Enter the URL of the website you want to block. You can also enter the keywords to block all the web pages containing those keywords.
  • To watch out the internet browsing history on targeted MAC device, click on Browser History in the main menu.
  • Choose from Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari to see the browsing history of the particular internet browser on MAC.

Hope you would have found this article helpful in finding secure ways to block or unblock websites on a MAC.