If you work online, you need a portfolio. You can have a ton of cool fonts and all the pop-up plugins you will ever need. But if you can not show your work to potential customers, then you are missing. Being able to present your projects in an attractive way is an invaluable tool, as it can tell the reader why it is better than everything else you do.

You have two options for your Wonderful WordPress portfolio plugin. If you do not like any portfolio theme or just want to use a different one, then a portfolio plugin is for you.

The listed plugins are 9 of the best WordPress portfolio plugins available, they are cream of the crop. They are full of useful features and are easy to use. Many of them are free, and all of them will take notice of potential customers.

1. Portfolio gallery by huge IT:

This is one of the list’s most flexible portfolio plugins and this one I use. It offers seven unique views that display your portfolio as a responsive gallery. You can choose from the following ideas –

  • Block toggle up / down
  • Full height block
  • Gallery / content-popup
  • Full-width blocks
  • Toggle up / down
  • Content slider
  • Lightbox-gallery

All these options display your work in a clean, unobtrusive fashion. It provides a great interface to work with.

2. Career portfolio by Miixee:

Career Portfolio is a streamlined, grid-based WordPress support plugin. This plugin is fully responsive design and supports shortcode for easy setup.

The free version comes with a layout style and a full-screen viewer style, which is good if you are looking for a simple portfolio. It looks great, and it is ideal for everyone from authors to designers.

The paid version of the Carrier Portfolio ($ 30- $ 50) offers many more benefits:

  • 3 layout styles
  • Range filtration
  • Design optimization
  • Custom CSS and JS

3. Nimble Portfolio by Nimble3:

Nimble Portfolio offers a direct gallery for displaying your projects. This is a user-friendly, responsive design based around the grid of the frame.

You have enough space to play with this plugin because you can modify almost everything. You can select thumbnail styles, can classify projects, and embed video or PDF previews. Its flexibility is a strong plus which makes it ideal for everyone.

NIMP Portfolio also offers several premium add-ons, which include various skins and lightbox options. This is one of the most complete-free portfolio plugins available.

4. Waving Portfolio by iTechflare:

Wavy Portfolio is another grid-based portfolio that uses shortcodes for optimization. It is easy to add projects and filter by front end using the audience category buttons.

Viewers can click on your project to see pop-ups with more details. This is a great option for creatives who want a no-fuss approach in their portfolio.

You can choose from a light or deep skin and customize the size/dimension of the portfolio item. If you need a portfolio to use regularly, which is not required.

5. Portfolio by BestWebSoft:

Another takes you to a clean grid-based layout, BestWebSoft Portfolio Plugin is a free option that offers many features so you can personalize your portfolio,  look in WordPress help for more.

You can modify the size and label of the image. It all contributes to becoming one such dynamic portfolio that displays your work well. Although it is not responsive, it is hassle-free and user-friendly.

The paid version is of $25 and provides additional functionality, like which includes classification and extended support. Whereas we recommend the free version as a great way of building your professional portfolio as a start.

6. Awesome filterable portfolio by BriniA:

The awesome filterable portfolio gives you exactly the same thing – a unique, filtrate portfolio that shows your work in style. This plugin comes with animation and image hover effects that add some versions to your portfolio.

You can easily order portfolio categories and items and can configure animation properties. This is an easy choice for artists or photographers who want to show their pictures in a striking fashion.

7. Aeolus Creative Portfolio by Sakura plugin:

Aeolus is the perfect portfolio plugin for contemporary creators who want an impressive pedestal for their work. You can display your work as a thumbnail in parallax showcase or in column display.

It is fully responsive and comes with unlimited colors so that you can change it according to your liking. Another big plus admin panel has a drag and drop interface, which makes adaptation an air.

For a free plugin, there are some great features available in Aeolus. If you like Parallax Showcase, then this is the portfolio plugin for you.

8. Behance Portfolio Manager by eleopard:

If you are an impersonation user, then managing your portfolio has become completely easier. This Nifty Portfolio plugin helps you integrate the Behance projects on your WordPress site and allows you to manage everything from the Behance interface.

It’s a clean, minimalistic layout that is grid-based but not clunky or unnatural. It’s responsive and fast so that viewers can easily navigate your portfolio.

The plugin offers classification, tab optimization, custom styling and more. This is a wonderful plugin that is a dream of a bad user.

9. Go Portfolio by Granth:

Go Portfolio offers a complete set of features and design options for only $ 23. Percentage based grid layout provides an attractive touch to any site. Go Portfolio comes with four default styles, Google web font support, customizable vertical and horizontal locations and other useful features pile.

The admin panel gives you all the options you can ask. You can modify anything for your heart’s content and make it fit your needs. This is the same for companies and individuals, it does not matter to your industry or niche. If you are looking for a strong portfolio plugin that offers you options, the Go Portfolio is easily worth $ 23.


In a world where almost every sector is increasingly competing in hours, an excellent portfolio will shine your work. By showing your work in an attractive, memorable fashion, potential employers and customers are likely to be affected and pay attention to you and your work.

Using these plugins you can organize these plugin in a simple way, and you can customize all that you want. Add them to your theme, and you’re good to go.

After you finish customizing your portfolio, you can share it with everyone, and do not be surprised if you get more eyes on your work.