Whenever you want to buy a mobile phone, there are some key points you keep in mind while buying the mobile phone such as the quality, features, performance, durability, battery backup, and value. The year 2018 gave us so many good looking mobile phones with some extraordinary features, it is hard to choose that which one is the best smartphone of 2018 and which mobile phone is called to be the king of the castle.  We are enlisting you some of the best mobile phones released till now that you can buy for many reasons. So, after the selection of mobile phones, here are some of the best affordable mobile phones you should buy are given below:

1. iPhone XR: Best Features for iPhone Lovers

As there are two main Operating Systems, one is Android and other is iOS. So first we talk about the iOS mobile phone. In the iOS iPhone XR is currently the best iOS mobile phone for the Apple fans and Apple lovers.

Following are the reasons for the iPhone users to buy iPhone XS

  • It provides a wide range of colors
  • It provides great camera features
  • It provides Best features in this budget
  • It provides Top Performance and quality

As iPhone XR released in 2018, offering you fantastic wide range and wide-angle camera of 12 MP, f/1.8 aperture along with HDR and A12 Bionic. It has an impressive battery life with wireless charging and provides you a Liquid Retina Display which has a bright color and eye-catching look.

2. Google Pixel 3: Best for Photography Lover

If you are a photogenic personality and love photography then this mobile phone is best for you. The people who love nature and wants to keep the memories save wherever they go, this mobile phone with its high-quality camera features helps you to captures some of the best portraits and landscape pictures for you.

Following are the reasons you should buy Google Pixel 3

  • It provides a fast wireless charging
  • It has much-improved design as from previous models
  • It provides a spectacular front and back camera lens
  • It has Great tactual

Google pixel 3 is a much advanced mobile phone as compared to Google pixel 2.  It has 5.5-inch bright display and has a large notch display. With the fast processing of Snapdragon 845processor built on this mobile phone, it makes the performance of this mobile phone incredible. The 4GB RAM let your mobile phone runs smoothly without any hiccups and glitches. The best thing in Pixel 3 is the camera quality which can capture the images in low light shooting mode and night mode. The Super-Res zoom helps to provide the super quality picture and at the front, the front camera has the wide Front Range which allows you to capture the wide selfies and group photos.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9: best mobile for big screen size

If you are a Samsung lover this latest mobile phone released in 2018 is the best smartphone for you with a large display screen size. The battery of this mobile is 4000 mAh that means it will provide you a long lasting battery backup. You can easily use this mobile for one day on heavy usage.

Following are the reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • A fantastic and bright large Display screen
  • Big and long lasting Battery
  • The Stylus Pen

The storage of Galaxy note 9 is also increased and now, the internal memory of Note 9 is 512GB. With this massive internal memory, you can use the external memory card as well. It supports a Wireless Charging and contains the S Pen. The S pen is a handy tool which is available in different colors like yellow and golden, depends on the color of the mobile phone. Bluetooth is connected on the stylus and it let you use it as a remote for a camera and for changing or skipping the songs from a playlist. The performance of Note 9 is excellent because of the Snapdragon 845 chipset installed in Galaxy Note 9. It comes with 6GB and 8GB variants. The camera is also breathtaking of dual-aperture 12MP at the rear that will give you HDR quality shots.

4. Asus ROG: Best Mobile Phone for the gamers

If you are a game lover or game addict person and you don’t have enough time to play games or if your routine is so tough that you don’t have enough time to use a laptop or PC for playing the games, this mobile is best option for you and will fulfill all the needs of the games.

Following are the reasons to buy Asus ROG Mobile are:

  • Great vibrant Screen
  • Solid Performance
  • Fine battery
  • Air-trigger controls

If you are playing PUBG which is the trending game of 2018, this mobile is the best mobile featuring you the RGB lighting and High refresh rate screen with the custom cooling system. It has a great AMOLED 6-inch display with a fast and speedy 90Hz refresh rate. The powerful Processor CPU Snapdragon 845 is incorporated in Asus ROG and with the Airtrigger capacitive buttons which acts as shoulder buttons in-game provides you easiness while playing the game. Not only this, but it also gives you a feature of the 3DS screen to dock which let your mobile display into a TV and you can play the game with mouse and keyboard functionality while plug and play add-on.


As mentioned above, there are some of the best mobile phones which are built for a separate purpose. These mobile phones are the best in their class. So after talking about all the features these mobile phones offering you, let talk about the pennies now if we compare the Mobile Phone prices of these smartphone discussed above all of them cost separately because of their own class, design, features, durability,  and quality.