If your residential area is not that much secure and you are afraid of robbery or any suspected spy and want to secure your home by best outdoor night vision camera. While you buying it may be there is a big confusion in your mind that which is the best camera that secure your home from that unusual activity.

Here I show some tips that should be in your mind while buying the best outdoor night vision camera. May be you already installed the security camera but it is not worked at night on in dark light.

So let’s discuss what are that 5 important tips which I compiled for you. Although there is many things in a person’s mind who buying it but these five tips are most common and enough for choosing the best cam.

1. Determine the Lux rating of the Camera

A very important point that you must keep in your mind is determine the lux rating of the camera. Lux rating is show you how camera works in different intensities. There are different ranges of cameras. This below table show you the following lux rating of different night light intensities.

Here we go.

Intensities Lux Rating
Quarter moon light .01
Full moon light 0.27
Full moon near equator 1
Avg. Family room 50
Overcast, dark day 100
Office lighting 300-500
Direct sunlight 30,000-130000

2.  A good Motion Detector must be installed in Camera

Obviously, a good motion detector must be installed. It will more beneficial at night time or in dark light. Your home will get more secure if the camera has best night vision view.

3. Best network connectivity

For outdoor camera, there must be a good quality of network connectivity needed. It is because of you may be very far away from the camera so if there is a low range connection you might not able to watch the video.

For a good connectivity network you have to connect it with your home internet. Do not make peer peer connection as I told you have to require a long range connection, peer to peer is very limited range connectivity.

4. Size of a camera

For outdoor, you have to use small size of camera and has a high pixels. The benefit of using small cam is it is can’t seen by the spy or the robbers. For this purpose I would like to recommend Blink Xt cam. It has a good quality of lens installed and have a small size. The other good thing about this cam is it is rechargeable.

Also, other benefits of using small size cam is, it can be installed anywhere and will be protected from rain and storm.

5. Best brands which offering the best night vision Camera

Following of the brands which offering the best night vision cameras. That is Blink, Yi, Ring, Nest and EZIZ etc. these all of the brands which provide best night vision view. These all have aim to provide best night vision camera.

There are many other brands which offering too but these mentioned ones are the best which I have personally used and tested.


There is no compromise when question comes to the security. Agree? But budget also play an important role while choosing anything. The tips I given above are the most important and common which helps you to choose the best night vision camera for outdoor. Now you do not need to pay too much while seeking for the best brands of security cameras. These tips are coveredall the thing which you need.