Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Blogging Sites.

best AdSense alternatives

Looking for one of the best AdSense alternatives because you failed to get an approved AdSense account?

Indeed! Most of us crave for a Google AdSense account because of the revenue that one can generate for the advertisements that Google let the publisher’s showcase on their websites. Owning a Google AdSense account is an achievement, but due to its strict policies, it becomes difficult for most of the publishers to manage one for themselves. Well, if you don’t have it, do not worry as it is not the only platforms to generate online income and you can always consider an alternative to AdSense that can also prove to be equally beneficial if you have decent traffic to your website.

Here is a guide for all the publishers on the best AdSense alternatives that can be an excellent source of income generator for you in the near future and will add-up to your existing bank balance. Here we go!

Sell an eBook – Though, writing an eBook is not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you can manage to get it done by the experts, you can get access to money bank. You just need to advertise it on different web platforms to see the magic happening. AdSense is a CPC network that pays you a few cents for a click, but selling an eBook helps you to earn more as it is always evaluated in dollars. So your income is multiplied anyhow.

Amazon affiliate – Apparently, Amazon is a world-famous name and its affiliate marketing platform is equally popular among the publishers.

Distinctive in its approach, Amazon affiliate is a platform where the blogger recommends a product to the reader. If the blogger is able to initiate the readers to click on the suggested product ( the recommendation is done from the product line of Amazon) and further buy it from Amazon, then the publisher earns a referral income.

As the referral income is a certain percentage of the product’s actual price, it allows the blogger to make a good deal of money.

So even if you don’t have an AdSense account, you have a better way out. Just give a try to this AdSense alternative for bloggers and enjoy the share of your income from the best affiliate marketers in the world.

Revenue Hits – Revenue Hits has a different payment strategy compared to other CPC networks.

It is a CPA advertising network where the payment is made according to the effectual cost-per-mile (eCPM). The calculation here is done by dividing the number of impressions on the ads with the revenue that have been generated from ad campaigns. This platform is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives that allows the user to make around $20-$30 in a day’s time.

One of the benefits associated with being their partner is that the ads flashed on a website are not targeted according to the preferences of the advertisers, but according to the traffic that is fetched by the publisher.

Clicksor – Most of the CPC networks allows you to place ads on different websites, but this one permits you to put your ads only on the relevant sites. Its automated system makes your ad flash on a website in such a manner that initiates users to click on it.  Also, the advertisers here are expected to pay a little fee to the network for their ad to be displayed on different e-platforms. Here a publisher earns a small percentage of revenue for each click on the ad displayed on their website.

Instamojo – Here is another program that I want to discuss with you all as I am aware that a lot of you must not have ever heard about it. Instamojo is a digital platform to sell and collect payment. It also runs a referral program where a member is expected to refer a site to his connections, and if any of their links register with it, Instamojo pays a reward of Rs.500 to the member immediately. So, if you send it to around 50 of your connections and even two out of them register with the site, you can earn Rs. 1000 in a one go without taking much pain.

Don’t you think it’s quite cool! As it is only available in India, therefore, only Indians can make use of Instamojo. You just need to have an account with one of the registered banks in India to kickstart with Instamojo earnings. Open a free account with them to proceed with this fantastic Adsense alternative in India.

Offer an online course – I am a digital marketer, running a reputed digital marketing institutions in Delhi. Offering online classes is a trend of present times, and you can make a good deal of income by offering online classes. Just share your knowledge and see the money flocking towards you. A website, traffic, and expertise are what you need to propagate about your course details. You will start noticing candidates becoming a part of your online institute within a short span of time, once you become active in this field. As a teacher, I feel that imparting education is one of the best ways to earn in respect of monetary terms as well as knowledge. Here you gain two-ways. Hence, for me, it is the preferred alternatives to Adsense.

Sell your own product – Want to go rich? Then why don’t you sell your own product online? E-commerce portals are the platforms that generate millions of revenue every year. Today’s generation is a high-tech generation and believes in shopping things online. Just give a thought to starting your own portal and make use of article marketing to drive traffic towards your website. You will observe a record income in a short span of time.

Just think about giving a try to above-mentioned online platforms that allow you to make money and pays you even more than Google do. So get, set to go with these Adsense alternatives to make money.

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Jassi Kaur – Digital Market Head at  Delhi School of Digital Marketing – leading digital marketing & SEO training center based in New Delhi offering comprehensive training to individuals and corporates.

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