Are you a fitness fan and is eager to try every new technology that hits the market? Keeping a track of your fitness measures is now so accurate with the classy yet casual fit bits coming in for age groups. You will be thrilled to see the exclusive range of fit bits that have been launched recently with all the latest features. So, here are the best fit bits you must try before 2018 ends which directly points you to avail the newest technology and flaunt your way into the New Year.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung has been leading the tech market with its feature loaded gadgets and devices. Of course, it has revealed the best of features in its fit bits as well. The Samsung Gear Fit 2 pro becomes the best that you must try. It has been rated as the best fitness tracker of the masses by critics because of gorgeous display and quality features. The screen of the device shows detailed goal counts, time, pulse and more. It has the built-in heart rate monitor which ensures accuracy of your pulse rate display. It also has GPS and Spotify app providing you latest songs as well. Available at approx. $200, this fit bit is compatible with both Android and iOs. The best part? It is water-resistant for up to 5 layers of atmosphere making it suitable for your swimming sessions as well.

Fitbit charge 3

Available at an affordable cost of $149.90, the FitBit charge 3 comes loaded with enough features for every fitness enthusiast. From Heart Rate to Sleep & Breathing check, the devices perform multiple functions to facilitate the user. You will find the SpO2 Sensor and VO2 Max for better performance. The large touchscreen makes it easy to access. Out of all the features, Cardio Fitness level mode is the most popular one. It has developed a lot since the charge2 which definitely makes it a must buy. Also, if you want to order the device online, you can fiddle through the Costco coupon codes and get extra cashbacks or discounts on all your purchases. Currently, the store is throwing its Christmas sale where you can easily avail additional discounts.

XiaomiMi Band 2

In case you are looking for a budget friendly option, Xiaomi has introduced its beautiful range of fit bands that is not just well-equipped but are also very pocket friendly for all the Mi users. The XiaomiMi Band 2 is available at a cost of $30 featuring OLED display, IP67 water resistance, heart rate monitor and many other loadings. Since it has IP67 water resistance, it makes the device not suitable for swimming although it can bear water splashes to an extent. You can also receive calls and notification with the device. As far as action following, the Mi Band 2 is simpler than different choices, a presentation, pulse screen, and more is a huge amount of esteem. The MI Band 2 can likewise follow your rest, and all that you need to know is there for you in the buddy MI Fit application, which demonstrates to all of you of your wellbeing information, including patterns after some time, estimations, and the sky is the limit from there.

Fitbit Blaze

Incredible battery life and interesting fitness features makes the Fitbit Blaze another pick for you before the year ends. If we are to talk about the positives, there is the heart rate tracker, 5-days battery life, bigger and better screen, Android/iOs/windows compatibility etc. But, where negatives are concerned, the pointer goes straight to water-resistance which is not embedded in this device. At a price of Rs.2511, Fitbit Blaze might fail to deliver satisfactory performance for its consumers. The Blaze offers up an assortment of new wellness highlights -, for example, SmartTrack, which will follow your activity regardless of whether you haven’t advised the wearable what you will do – enabling you to consume those calories rapidly and effectively.

Fitbit Zip

Our next device is not just affordable but also very uniquely designed. It is one casual technology that you must have. Fitbit Zip is a clasp you can put onto your apparel and from that point you can simply take a gander at how far you’ve strolled every day. Basically it’s a celebrated pedometer and won’t have the capacity to follow your running anyplace close as precisely as you could on gadgets like the Surge or the Blaze. In any case, in case you’re here just to keep a track on exactly how far you’ve strolled, the Fitbit Zip is definitely not an awful decision. The devices comes loaded with a 7-days battery life enough for you to keep a check on your fitness.

Fitbit Flex 2

Do you need a wellness tracker that is anything but difficult to utilize and uncomplicated? The Fitbit Flex 2 might be the best gadget for you. It’s the main really waterproof Fitbit, so you’ll have the capacity to utilize this while swimming and track how great your plunges in the pool are. The Flex 2 comes with Bluetooth connectivity and 5-days battery life. It is offered at a price of Rs.6513 and can be brought from Amazon online. It has a unique software which is quite fun to use. So, this can definitely be your pick for a better collection of all the feature specific technologies.

Technology can be violating but most of the time, it is fun and interesting. The fitbits that have been launched by different companies for the convenience of the consumers are so good that you cannot stop following them for latest features. Here we gave a detailed overview of some of the best fit bits you must try before 2018 ends. So, what are you even waiting for? You can scroll through the ongoing and upcoming Christmas or New Year sales, online or offline, to get home the best products for yourself or your family members. Do not let the new beginning go sober, get into the best available tech-features and enjoy the facilities now and here.