It is true that B2B digital marketing is a relatively new approach and has a high future possibility. At the same time, it should not feel like boring as doing activities like content writing, digital marketing can be tedious at some stage. With time, B2B consumers are becoming more tech-savvy and researching more on virtual mediums. Only posting a content marketing article may seem less interesting. In this post, we have articulated a few creative ideas for business to business digital marketing solutions which would make content more interesting and help to attract potential consumer attention.

Slideshare presentation:

Slideshare is a very useful tool to attract customer attention. B2B customers generally tend to research first and analyze market trends before choosing a product or service. Through Slideshare, you can make presentations different from normal text articles. You can even make your presentations interesting by including images, graphics, changing the presentation background, etc. While preparing a presentation, do not include much information in a slide. Presentations are the face of your product that includes only important information and consumers will contact you for more information after viewing your presentation. Keep your presentation crisp, use bullets to highlight main points, and remember to use colors, images, and graphics appropriately so that the whole consumer experience stays pleasant. On the overall, a Slideshare presentation should contain approximately 20-25slides. Try to not including more slides as it may feel lengthy.


Infographics can be termed as new-age content marketing. On a daily basis, we interact with so much information that, sometimes, we feel distracted while reading lengthy articles. Through infographics, you can organize information and statistics in a more engaging way by including fun graphics into the content. When you present a piece of boring information or statistics in a funny way using images, graphics, animation, then people actually love to read those. Including a teaser before presenting the infographics also makes it more engaging.


At certain times, consumers want a break from normal business practices. Posting interactive contests, organizing trade surveys, can help make business more appealing. You can create weekly contests and announce the winner’s name through social media. You can also include a marketing survey after the end of the contest to get your consumers’ perspective.

Online webinars: A webinar refers to web-based seminars. Through a webinar, you can arrange a seminar, circulate a presentation, provide a lecture, or arrange a workshop through video conferencing. One unique criterion of online webinars is, it allows you to exchange information on real-time among several people, thus making communication faster and smoother.

Utilize social media accounts:

Social media accounts are a great option to engage with your customers in a different way than the professional ones. Twitter, Linkedin are great social media sites through which you can communicate with your customers in a better way. You can even use humor to express any serious topic in a light mood, or simply post something relevant to the current trend to engage the audience.