Truck drivers spend a lot of their time on the road. Sometimes, it might take several days to weeks before they can reach their destination after dispatch. Thus, they must have various electronic devices for easy reporting and to make their lives easier.

If you are a truck driver, you might be wondering whether you have all of the electronic devices that are necessary. We will iron this out by enumerating the most important ones.

Smartphone or Laptop Computer

Making reports is easy if you have either of these devices. Usually, the employer will provide you with the necessary apps and software to send reports. Trucks have a large cabin, so using a laptop is not a problem at all. They can also use them during stopovers to watch a movie, make a phone call back home, and even listen to music in a motel. Both should have powerful batteries because power is not readily available for truck drivers.

GPS Tracker

Trucks have been using GPS trackers for many years. It is critical for the fleet managers and owners to know where their trucks are at any given time. Drivers should make sure that the GPS tracking device is functioning well at all times. All it needs is a constant source of power, which is the truck battery, and internet connectivity, especially the latest models because they send coordinates in real-time.

Dashboard Camera

Fleet companies usually install dash cams on all of their trucks. in fact, technology can now allow the use of smart dashcams that are connected to the internet to provide remote live footage. Others are meant to monitor the behavior of the drivers while they are driving. Using a high-quality dashcam that can deliver FHD or 4K footage is crucial.

E-Log Device

Today, all trucks in many countries are required to have an ELD that is connected to the engine. They assist the drivers with keeping the HOS. This is usually installed by the employers and drivers are trained on how to use them. If you have a truck fleet company, you can buy one after consulting with Eyeride experts to get the best.

Citizen Band (CB) Radio

CB radio is an important device to have in most trucks in developed countries like the USA. They allow long-distance communication by choosing from one of the 40 frequencies. Professional drivers choose which channel to use and they can communicate from anywhere in the country. Choose a CB radio with all of the basic features to enjoy the maximum potential. They are primarily used to alert other truckers of the status of the road, call for help, and fulfill many other communication needs.

Electronic Devices Chargers and Other Accessories

Trucks can find a good powerpoint for almost any mobile electronic device. All you need to bring are chargers for all of your devices like your smartphone, laptop, rechargeable torch, and any others. Chargers with strong cables are the best because truckers are exposed to harsher conditions than those at home. Other accessories like power converters and extension cables are also necessary.


There are some other electronic devices that you can own like a Bluetooth call receiver, an OBD scanner, a fitness tracker, and many others. However, the above devices are the most essential. If you are missing any of them, it is time to buy them now.