Every innovation surprises the general audience. People were thrilled when they first saw the steam engine. There was a time when changes in human life for the better happened every century or even a thousand years. Cut to the present, innovations, and advancements in technology happen every day. It has become difficult to remain updated on recent changes in the technology field. In this article, we will focus on the recent tech word that is making the rounds in technical circles. Artificial Intelligence. We will also focus on the changes brought about Artificial Intelligence in the field of technology.

Shall we start? In recent times, if there is one technology that has amazed, left the audience gasped by providing innumerable options it is Artificial Intelligence. The possibilities provided by AI are unparalleled, and they can even surpass human imagination. That is for sure. But not all humans are impressed with AI. The reason – movies. Imagine the English film – Terminator, Irobot and similar type of movies. In all these movies, the supermachines turned on man and became a villain. But the truth lies otherwise.

Unless programmed, the AI tools can become a human’s best companions for years to come. They can do various jobs right from digital marketing analysis to robotics to driving vehicles. AI has left its mark in almost all the popular industries in society today.

Robotic Workforce

Yes, there is a fear that low-level jobs can get replaced by humanoid robots. The fears are not unfounded. They have come true. In fact, robots have replaced humans in many low-level jobs such as Japan. So, the companies can save a portion of their profit that goes to hire workers. And the robots, they do not take leaves or weekly-offs nor give a reason for coming late to work. This aspect is a huge benefit as far as artificial intelligence in the field of technology is concerned.


Healthcare is another industry, where robots are required. In 2025, as far as Japan is concerned, robots will provide care for the elders and not human nurses.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Can artificial intelligence even help in wildlife survival? You bet. It is true that all the countries set aside a portion of their budget for wildlife preservation in their respective reserves. But in the ocean, identifying a rare species of fish is difficult. In comes AI and with a comparison of various photographs and images, the tool can easily identify a rare fish in the ocean and send an alert to the conservative officer.

AI has also stepped into the field of horse racing. The behavior of a horse plays a key role in winning the competitions such as Derbys. So, AI tool will play a significant role in making the owner and jockey understand the behavioral patterns of the horse. Its likes, dislikes and the reasons for the anger. Then, when every issue gets sorted, the horse will, with an easy win over the competition.


In World War II, low flying small planes were sent to check the advance of enemy forces. These planes could also escape from radar detection. Now, it is drones which are making a killing in the battlefield.

Let us imagine a situation. A paramilitary force is sent to capture the terrorists hiding in the forests. Now, the captain of the unit has doubts that the ground is laden with mines. So, he makes use of AI drone to first scan the ground for mines and bombs. So AI has also stepped in the field of war.


The entire world has become global. And one human race. It has become possible with the arrival of the internet. But there exist many dangers due to evil practices. If you have a website, it can become affected by malware. The same goes for phishing and identity theft. With cyberdefense tasks on the increase, the demand for AI is always on a high.

Search Engines

Shall we go back to the times before a decade? Yes, Google was available, but there also existed other search engines which are present even today such as Yahoo and Bing. Even in Google, you have to type the words to enable a search. But in the present day, you can say a word and search for information. Yes, voice search is the recent search mechanism.


So, these are some of the changes brought over by artificial intelligence in various industry sectors. Now let us have a case study. You have got a job in a company which provides home care services in Hyderabad. In other words, the company offers handyman services at the customer’s doorstep. To move up the ladder, you have enrolled in a Virtual learning MBA program. The study papers, you can get in the portal, and you can log in for classes at your own convenient time. And to clarify your doubts, you can post them in the forum. You get apt responses for questions in the form of answers. But do you know that many institutions are using chatbots to answer simple queries? So AI has also stepped in the field of education.

In the article, we have given only simple examples of Artificial Intelligence in the field of technology. For more recent updates, the newsletter subscription is free.