Whatsapp is the most useful chatting app nowadays but, it has a reputation for being dull and boring. So, if you are by chance caught online and you don’t want to be rude to the person, you have to start a boring conversation followed by the bartering of boring emojis or emoticons. Sometimes while in group chats when the topic is subdued, often the conversation ends with emojis. So, it would have been great if there was something exciting and relatable to send to the other person.

To counter this, WhatsApp has introduced a new sticker to spice up the chatting experience.

WhatsApp has introduced 12 new chat stickers. The stickers are extremely funny and entertaining having different categories as we find in Facebook Messenger. We can always add new stickers in addition to these existing 12 ones as it allows the users to send the stickers originating from a third party. Whatsapp stickers are in addition with the GIFs and emojis..

To add more stickers, go to the stickers list and tap the plus icon. Then you’ll be redirected to the Play store where you can find a list of supported stickers. Iphone users, however, cannot have this facility as it does not provide permission for third-party downloads. So, they will be restricted to the original 12 sticker packs of Whatsapp until it officially launches more. Whatsapp adds a level of flexibility as you can add and remove the stickers anytime you want.

We all will just be thrilled if we can make stickers of ourselves just like we can make in apps like PicsArt and other Snapseed. An amazing aspect of these stickers is that you can convert your photos to WhatsApp stickers. You can seek help from third-party sticker makers to create one. The procedure is given below.

1. First, think of a picture you want as the sticker. Then click a photo of yours with a suitable expression or just select a photo of yours that you want to convert to a sticker.

2. Now, these stickers have to be standalone so you need to remove the background. You can Use any background erasing tool to get rid of the background.

3. To go by the proportions you have to crop the image and save it as.PNG file.

4. Now download a third party sticker maker app to transform your photo into a sticker and add your photo to their list. Make sure you scan the third party apps before downloading as you don’t want malicious files to be installed on your phone.

5. Once you’ve executed the above steps correctly, your photo should pop up in your WhatsApp stickers list.

But the problem doesn’t end here; the user might not enjoy this cool WhatsApp feature because they have disabled auto updates or other issues. For the users who haven’t received the sticker feature yet can update the WhatsApp from the Appstore or update it manually from Playstore.

In order to use the WhatsApp stickers for the first time, first, update your WhatsApp from the Play store. As soon as it is updated, open it and click on the emoji button and then on the Stickers button given right below, just next to the GIF icon.