Launched at a very affordable price and a handful of crazy features, Amazfit Verge is something which delivers it all in the market. With OLED screen, GPS and heart rate monitoring, and three to four days of battery life, Amazfit Verge comes at the price of Rs. 11,999. It is nice to get this device as it offers a good chunk of features to the users. But, is it the device which you can buy and never regret and you can grab this by available Amazon Upcoming Sale. Let’s check it out in the Amazfit Verge review below

Design and Screen

Amazfit Verge is a moderate weight watch weighing only 46g which doesn’t look too bulky on hand. All thanks to the plastic body with a rubber strap- this watch weighs less. Although, making it weigh less takes its premium look away.

The watch gets a two-tone color scheme- dark and light grey. The display is quite nice with protection on it and this is what makes it impressive.

The device gets IP68 rating which means that AmazfitVege is both dust and water resistant and you can easily use it in the shower too. The design is simple and there is nothing too premium about the watch. But, a clean and solid design make it a comfortable choice.

Coming to the display, the Amazfit Verge packs a 1.3-inch 360×360 AMOLED panel. The display comes up with sharp colors and vibrant too. Also, the viewing angles are strong in this device. Moreover, the on-display function works pretty nicely with gesture activation too. The display of the watch has an auto-brightness option which can be turned on or off as per the requirement.

User Interface

Amazfit Verge gets a software update and the latest release is better than the old Amazfit Verge’s OS. Addition of double tap the screen to wake feature makes the interaction with screen more fun. Although, the device is finger-friendly and can be easily operated. The interface is really good and clean with the home screen, quick settings, notifications and apps on the screen available.

Fitness Tracking

The tracking in this Amazfit Verge device is not up to the mark. But, automatic exercise detection is pretty good. The tracking is accurate. When you come to rest, the tracking comes at a halt and when you start walking, the tracking starts- very accurate in this department. The device lacks rowing mode, gym mode to monitor heart rate which you can get in Samsung and Apple watches. Although, the optical heart rate monitoring works pretty decent. Also, the sleep tracker in this device works very fine in its job.

Music and Calls

In the Amazfit Verge, handling music is very complicated as there are two ways to control the music- accessing widget through notification panel and swiping down the UI. The device can easily control the music of your phone and can access the music from third-party apps like Spotify. You can also load music into the MP3 app of Verge which might be helpful for runners. But, using Spotify will be the better option in this device.

Coming to the calling quality, Amazfit Verge aa a receiver performs better. But, searching for contacts in this is a hectic task as there is no search option included in the “Phone App” of the device.

Amazfit App

The Amazfit app is available on both iOS and Android platform. The app can easily give you insights like battery life, storage capacity,  sports tracking data, sleep tracking and more. In the phone, you can get the insights displayed on sports mode like running, tennis, cycling, climbing and skipping rope. Moreover, it provides Strava Integration as well.


The Amazon Verge doesn’t take much if the time to get fully charged. It took about 30 minutes to take it from zero to a hundred. The device can give you four to five days of use if you have turned off the automated fitness tracking. If turned on, the battery life comes down to three days. In terms of battery there are various options available and you can purchase them using Flipkart Offers Today Special Offer.

Final Verdict

The Amazfit Verge is a moderately good device with the not too premium look but a quiet touch of premium-ness to it. It is a great watch for exercisers and runners but not for the swimmers and weight lifters. The interface is clean and smooth. But, when it comes to finesse and music control, this device steps down a bit. Also, when you are in a moving vehicle, the tracking will be muddy and not up to the mark. But, these can be forgiven after looking at the price point it comes at. Overall, it is a great watch which looks pretty good, not too bulky, comfortable to hands and has fitness tracking accuracy- thanks to GPS and heart rate monitor- and huge battery life which can give you three to four days easily. So, if you are looking for something affordable which tracks your activities with nice styling, then Amazfit Verge can be a considerable option for you. Just at the price of Rs. 11,999, the Amazfit Verge is a great deal.