It certainly did happen multiple times that you had to leave a task in the mid-way. Your internet is not working because you have exceeded the data usage limit for the certain time period it purchased.

This is really frustrating!

And your surely don’t wish this happen with you again. You don’t really want anything comes across the way of internet connection.

So what is the solution!!

If you’re an Airtel Broadband user, I have the complete and easy solution for you. Airtel has introduced Airtel Smartbytes service. It plays the role of internet data usage manager for you. It is so handy a service that you can easily manage your Airtel Broadband data usage. It has two things to perform keeping safe from sudden internet connection interruption.

1. It enables getting you to know how much data left in your Airtel Broadband Data package.

2. You can set a daily internet data usage limit. It will automatically send alert when you reach maximum usage.

By doing so internet connection will never be interrupted and you can well stay in your monthly budget too.

Now you must be looking for how you are going to do that?


The process of checking Airtel Broadband Data Usage through Airtel Smartbytes coming next.

Checking Data Usage on Airtel Smartbytes

So to check the how much of you data already spent and how much is left, follow the simple steps.

Go to the link in the official site of Airtel given

Step # 1

First register yourself at

My account > Register Now

You need to follow a simple registering formality to register yourself for Airtel service.

Step # 2

Log in to your account > My Account

Once you logged into your account click on “Account Information”

Now follow the step: Click on your DSL number > Click on View Unbilled Amount

You can see the current month’s data usage. It will also show the remaining high-speed data limit.

Airtel Smartbytes also introduces additional data usage package in case you have already finished the monthly plan. It gives you an uninterrupted high-speed internet connection experience.

Airtel Broadband user who has already used 80% or more of their chosen plan can log in to through Airtel DSL connection. And they can choose their additional data package from the given list.

1GB for Rs. 99 10GB for Rs. 499
2GB for Rs. 159 20GB for Rs. 799
5GB for Rs. 299 50GB for Rs. 1,499

Now you don’t really have to worry while using Airtel Broadband Service. Happy Internet Using!!